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FO: even more granny stripe socks




I actually finished these last week but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to even try them on.
They’re a lovely fit. Better than my first pair because I cut the yarn between colour changes which turned out rather easier than stranding it up and no extra work because I catch the ends in as I go.
These are made with Poundland yarn and there was some left over!
Now I’m swatching for a knitted pair but I’m both busy and poorly so progress is slow
I’ve nearly finished my course though so there will be much increased crafting in the coming months

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Reworked: granny stripe socks

I just couldn’t deal them being so imperfect




You can’t really see the differences very well but they feel a load better
And I’ve started a third pair!
I’d say I’m sorry but I’m really not

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FO: more granny stripe socks!




Love the pattern, love the socks
For these yummy sockies, I used one ball of Stylecraft Carnival and a 5.5mm hook to get the tension right.
The yarn is a little slubby though, particularly at the beginning of the ball sometimes it’s almost super chunky, sometimes more like DK!
I was very conscious that I only had one ball of yarn so I actually worked both socks at once, one from the outer end of yarn and one from the inside end.
I was trying on as I went so my row count is different than the pattern and I altered the heel because it looked too pointy.
Because I was running short on yarn, the cuff is simply a couple of rows of DC.
I am a little disappointed because the heel and the toe both still look a bit pointy, the socks are a larger fit than I might have gone for and a little shorter than I might have liked
As a result, I’m sorely tempted to rip them out and start again…
I should probably weave my ends in before the temptation becomes too much!
What do you think?


FO: granny stripe socks!

Look, a matching pair!


I’m so in love with this pattern


A simple granny stripe with gentle shaping and a ribbed cuff


My only issue was with my tension. I was using up yarn from my stash but it was all DK and with the stated hook size, I was off by about 2cm

To make matters worse, I was on holiday without my hooks!

Not one to be discouraged, I simply altered the pattern to make it large enough for my giant clown feet. I had to increase the initial starting chain but figuring out the shaping was fine because the increases and decreases on both the toe and the foot are at the edges

I also caused myself some problems by stranding the yarn up the sock instead of casting it off after each colour stripe. But I persevered and I love love love my socks

My next task will be deciding which ones to make next

I’ve bought some blues and a grey from Poundland


And a couple of balls of variegated Stylecraft


I realise these are chunky but I figure a) the carnival looks pretty lightweight and b) I’ve already adapted the pattern once, I’m sure I can do it again with plenty of swatching and some patience

So, my first pair of socks took me about a week (not monogamous) and approx 125g of DK yarn which works out to somewhere in the region of 350m.

With these figures in mind, I’m seriously thinking about making some to sell and making lots for gifts for next xmas

Oh and the basic pattern can be found in issue 26 of SImply Crochet or I’m sure there are plenty more out there

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