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More craft room crochet – finished!

Now that I’ve got the freedom of a dedicated craft room, I’ve gone a little crazy for making little pretties to jazz it up
Here’s the latest
WallTidy (1)


Please excuse the fairly dodgy looking wall behind – we’re not decorating until we’ve knocked some walls down, put some more walls up and replaced all the windows…

WallTidy (2)


There are supposed to be buttons on the top tabs but I quite like it without and it was far too difficult to decide what kind of buttons to use so mummy and I decided it should just go up as it is. 

The plait for hanging was made in a bit of a rush too but I think if I trim the straggly ends, it will look quite nice

WallTidy (3)


They haven’t photographed very well but I’m pretty chuffed with the colours. I used the recommended yarn – Rico Creative Cotton – but had to choose colours online (always a risk)

I’m not sure how actively useful it will be but I love it

I originally saw the pattern in an issue of Crochet Today (an American magazine, now out of print I believe) but it was recently published in an issue of Homemaker as well (issue 21 off the top of my head… okay I checked)

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the yarn and it comes in an amazing range of colours but I wasn’t overly impressed with how it handled. I found it quite splitty and the stitch definition isn’t as good as some other cottons I’ve used.

However, I would use it again because, lets face it, I’m a bit cotton obsessed

On a completely different note, is anyone watching The Great British Bake Off right now? I feel sick just looking at that Swedish princess cake but I’m suddenly desperate to go and buy eggs!

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Singing the praises of Wools Worldwide

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while but, with the move and everything, I keep forgetting.

So, you all know about my recent yarn issues.

But I never told you about the resolution to the problems.

I managed to find a website that had more than one ball of the elusive blue and put in an order on a Tuesday night.

On the Wednesday morning, I had a call to say that they only had two balls of the yarn and asking how I wanted to proceed.

The lady was really lovely and very helpful and we decided on keeping the order at two balls of blue and three of brown and getting a refund on the other.

The refund was put straight through and the lady said the order would be posted that day.

On the Thursday, I had an undelivered parcel which I picked up on the Friday.

Imagine my surprise, expecting it to be a wheel for Steven’s car, to discover it was my yarn!!

I was quite wary about ordering from a company that I hadn’t even heard of but I most heartily recommend them. And I think they do international delivery too

You should definitely check them out –

Also, check out these ball bands, it’s no wonder I struggled to find it!


This is the band for the blue, even on it’s own it looks a bit dated
















Compare it to the others and you can see the issue.

Still, it’s been an adventure (now all I need to do is finish the blanket!)

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African Flower Blanket – update

Well, it has to be said that progress on the AFB is not going well!

After all the upset over the yarn and losing my momentum during the move, it mostly just sits and looks at me as if to say ‘why Vix?’

It’s doing it now…

It doesn’t help that I can’t see an end-point. Before, it was simply a case of crocheting so many motifs and sewing them together.

But the blanket still isn’t big enough so it’s now a case of crocheting so many and checking to see if it’s big enough, if it’s not, crochet some more.

It seems never-ending right now

Here are some recent pics:

































It’s looking good but, as you can see, the size is still a bit lacking.

Since taking these, I’ve sewn up the sixth row and started work on the seventh but, judging by the pictures and the blanket itself, six by eight motifs isn’t going to be quite big enough either.

Now, the blanket isn’t intended to go on the bed but to be kept in the living room for snuggling under but it still needs to be a decent size so nobody gets chilly.

Steven thinks it might even need to be eight by ten!

What do you think?


The journey will be almost ends-less!

So, after the painful few hours I spent weaving in those 52 ends (see previous post – Look Mum, no ends!) I decided to try a different technique.

First here’s a pic of the first six all sewn together

















I have to admit that I often hurry my ends; it’s a job that I hate so I do it as quickly as possible

However, because I want this blanket to be both robust and reversible, I wanted to make sure that the ends were really well done so they didn’t ruin the look or the usability of the blanket.

So, I’ve actually been doing it properly! Weaving in a few inches one way and then coming back the other way which should ensure the ends stay put.

However, it also means nearly twice the time and effort.

I’d read about a technique in knitting where you can weave the ends in as you go (probably in The Knitting and Crochet Biblereview) so I thought I’d try it with my crochet

The colour changes make things interesting but once you get used to it, it works quite nicely.

And it’s pretty much as simple as crocheting over the ends as you work along.









So, obviously, this is how it would normally look, crocheting into a chain space (ch sp)










But to weave in the ends as you go, you need to catch the end and work over the top of it.









As you can see, the end moves around as your work does

If you’re careful, you can even work both ends in on one row but try not to do them together as this will make the work thicker so it might look uneven.









Lay the end around the work so it doesn’t pull too tight or hang too loose when you get to the start of the row









Then work it as before, catching the end under the stitches as you work them

Obviously, the start and end can’t be woven in in the same way (although if you’re working with a chain ring and not a magic circle it might work) and you need to weave the other ends back slightly but it’s much quicker.

Unfortunately, with a colour change almost every row, it takes a bit more concentration to actually crochet the motif so that takes a little bit longer.

But it’s so worth it!


Look Mum, no ends!

I finally got around to weaving in the ends of my finished blanket motifs! Which means I can finally crochet up some more…

I think I’ll weave in the ends as I go this time though, 53 in a single sitting was hard going!

Hmmm, which is the front and which is the back?

I’m pretty sure that’s the back. Looks good though, don’t you think?

I’m also thinking that sewing them together row by row instead of all together at the end will be a good idea so look out for more pics soon