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Beat the Bump – baby cardigans

Oh dear, I was convinced I’d already posted about my love of this pattern but I can’t find it so it’s possible I imagined it… or probably wrote it out but didn’t post it…

Anyway, a while back I fell in love with a cute little knitted baby cardi pattern. Free, top down, seamless – three of my favourite things.

I made two in 4ply cotton, followed by another for my brother and sister-in-law (I can’t find the pictures!)

However, with a July baby, I figured we wouldn’t need much newborn knitwear and then I found some hand-dyed rainbow DK cotton yarn in my stash…

Do you see where I’m going?

I finished knitting the yellow one ages ago but was resisting sewing the buttons on.

The red one, however, I started and finished after my due date. Including buttons and washing (while I re-washed my split back tank top)

I still love them but I think I need a new pattern, five of the same thing might be my limit!

The pattern is Linnie by Justyna Lorkowska and I used Stylecraft Cotton Classique for the main parts.

Hopefully soon we’ll have Baby here so I can make something gender specific!!

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Almost FO: Friday night in cardi

Just needs buttons!


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Finally FO: Nanny’s Cabled Cardi

Also known as The Cardigan of Doom!

I’m so glad it’s finished, not least of all because it means I can cast on something else (I’ve been dreadfully good and monogamous)

Here it is




There isn’t much I actually like about it but Nanny liked the pattern so I hope she’ll like it

Did I ever tell you the story of this particular thorn in my side?

I actually made one for my Nanny a couple of years ago, as a Christmas gift.

However, after several months of never seeing her wear it, I asked her if it was ok and she admitted that the fit wasn’t great

Turns out I’d knitted it in chunky instead of aran (tension swatch anyone?!)

So, I bought more yarn to knit another (my trusty craft notebook informs me that this was in July… 2013)

I intended it as another Christmas gift but was busy working on other things, then planning a wedding and a house move and other fun things.

However, it is now finally finished, just in time for her birthday next month.

It’s been a real trial. As well as dealing with a cable pattern that I don’t much enjoy, there were issues with the instructions so I ended up with a sleeve that was too long even for me.

But I persevered and I’m so excited to finish it that I’m not sure I can wait to give it to her.

Next I will be knitting myself some socks and preparing for this year’s FolkEast festival!

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A labour of love


Nineteen skeins caked and ready!
Mum came over after work yesterday and we caked the yarns for our Daybreak shawls (kits purchased at the Knit and Stitch show) and my birthday Cascade for a cardigan.
One of the balls in the photo is the hand wound ball from months ago which took forever after a fight with a tangled skein!
Speaking of which, one skein of teal Cascade is still sitting in a bit of a mess – you can see it in the background! And Mum’s got four skeins of Debbie Bliss yumminess that fought back.
I’m sure we could have untangled it but our Indian takeaway seemed so much more important
The reason for sudden yarn caking industry? Check back tomorrow…

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Finally FO – Giselle Cardi


GiselleCardi (2)

And a couple of close ups

GiselleCardi (3) GiselleCardi (1)

I love it and it’s been really quick to work up.

The actual knitting took just over two weeks but the lace pattern really needed blocking

It took me a week to get around to it… Now that we’re in our house, I haven’t got a handy spare bed to use as my blocking surface so I had to wait until the dining table was clear enough to spread out on

After that, it took another week for the cardi to dry. I suspect I didn’t squeeze quite enough water out before laying it out but the yarn is 43% wool so I was being cautious

During this week, I realised that I hadn’t yet bought any buttons!! Thankfully, Steven had promised me a trip to Hobbycraft (as a bribe, but still many hubby points awarded)

I decided to go for orange to bring out the copper strands in the yarn and I’m really chuffed

I just spent a chilled half hour or so sewing them on and couldn’t wait to share the pics

Unfortunately, I’m struggling to take a nice picture of myself wearing my new pretty so you’ll have to wait. It definitely benefited from the blocking though, it’s a much better length now

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Crafty progress – a very good week

Despite being both poorly and busy, I’ve made a lot of crafty progress this week.

I cried off knitting group on Monday night to stay at home with hubby and my cough and sew up my Giselle cardi (I still haven’t gotten around to blocking it though)

On Tuesday night, I went with a friend to a WI talk on silver clay jewellery. It was really fascinating and only slightly ruined by a coughing fit that sent me outside to really let it out without disturbing people.

I’ve finally finished the granny square centres for a friends bag and am making good progress on the second and third rounds

Just in case that’s nonsense – the granny squares are multicoloured and I tend to do one colour (instead of one square) at a time, four centres of one colour followed by four centres of another colour and any second rounds and so on. When they’re all finished, they get a fourth and final round of the main colour before joining, lining and finishing.

I’ve also managed to resist the lure of my Cascade 220 and finally swatch and cast on a cardi for my Nanny. Progress is slow because my cold-fuddled brain can’t deal with the heavy cabling, especially after a busy day.

I’m making some good progress on a secret xmas project or two and today managed to sew some really simple cushion covers for my craft room!

So, watch out for some yummy FO pics, maybe a tutorial on the cushion covers and a couple of sob stories along the way


I almost forgot…

Here’s beautiful Mummy in her cardigan


And a close up of the buttons


I remembered that she’d bought some lovely ceramic buttons when she was on holiday last summer so I left them off until she could choose for herself. The square shell buttons came with the magazine with the pattern in and were designed to go with them. We decided to mix things up a little with one different button (she only had one) and place it half way down ish

She’s worn it a lot already and even my Nan was admiring it yesterday!

Very chuffed

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Another call for help

Before I get started on all my catch-up posts, I’m afraid I need to ask for more advice

I’ve just finished a project and I had another one in mind (not one from my massive list but an entirely new one)

However, circumstances are conspiring against me to let me know that I’m in (almost) desperate need of a new cardigan

I’ve been standing in front of the mirror a lot lately thinking ‘I really like this outfit, what cardi can I wear?’

My new favourite cardi is a bought-knit black and white houndstooth that we actually bought for a sixties fancy dress party

However, there are certain outfits that it just won’t go with.

My second favourite cardi was obviously once my favourite since it looks about ten years older than it is and is now too big for me

This leaves me with two bought-knit cardis and my crochet sambuca jacket, all of which feature very open lace patterns so aren’t really suitable for the weather and my crochet spencer jacket

The spencer jacket, unfortunately, hasn’t really fared well with a lot of wear and, again, won’t suit a lot of outfits

So… the project that I had planned was a rather nice Fair Isle jumper from a recent issue of Simply Knitting

I’ve never had much luck with Fair Isle but I’d love to master it

I’ve scrapped the idea of the jumper in favour of a much more useful cardigan

But the question is, which cardigan?

I’m very tempted to adapt the jumper pattern so it’s a cardi instead and I’m mostly wondering if anyone has attempted such a thing

However, I also looked through my existing patterns and found a couple of lovely pieces so maybe I would adapt one of those to include a dash of Fair Isle

Let me know what you think and I’ll try to get some pics of the possibilities

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