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Lace Leaf Kal progress


First part done!
Loving it so far and looking forward to the rest
I did boo-boo though, thinking I needed 3.5mm needles so put off starting the shawl until I’d finished with them for another project.
Turns out I need my 4mm which are what the main part of the other project use!
Thankfully, I’m using my KnitPro Symfonie interchangeable circulars so I’m just swapping them about.
I think I’ll be alright as long as I do the KAL parts all at once and swap the needles back to the card I straight away… We’ll see how irritating it becomes


Super simple cushion covers

I’m sure I’m not the only one to have discovered this trick but I was so amazed at how quick and easy these cushion covers are to make that I just had to share it with you!

First off, make sure you’ve got a full width of fabric because this means beautiful secure edges without having to sew a decent hem (mostly, I’ll explain later)

As you can see, one edge is patterned all the way to the edge – this is the edge to keep on view CushionCovers (2)

Measure your cushion and cut the fabric to about the same size, when you’ve sewn up the cushion will be nicely snug in the cover

CushionCovers (1)

Lay your strip of fabric wrong side down and fold in the edge to be seen

CushionCovers (3)

Next, fold in the edge not to be seen and measure to make sure your cover is the right size and shape

CushionCovers (5)

Securely pin both edges and sew up.

Because I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I sewed up one edge and then measured again to make sure the next seam went in the right place

Trim the edges with pinking shears

CushionCovers (7)

Turn right side out and iron

CushionCovers (8)


CushionCovers (9)

Unfortunately, my second cushion wasn’t nearly so simple because the fabric was wider than necessary

However, this needn’t be an issue. Measure and trim a piece, remembering to keep the patterned edge of the fabric. Roughly sew a hem on the cut edge and repeat steps above, again remembering to keep the nice fabric edge as your edge to be seen

CushionCovers (10)

Wait for it… ta-da!

CushionCovers (11)

Comfy craft room now and I think they look pretty great together

CushionCovers (12)

All in all, I spent about two hours creating these lovelies and that includes time to hang out some laundry, have a chat with my mummy, make a couple of cuppas and cry over the width issue

I’m sew happy (sorry I resisted once, I couldn’t do it again!)

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We got married!

And I have a few pictures to share with you all (many thanks to our good friends Mark and Jacqueline for supplying said photographs)

Stevens & Vicky Wedding 002

I’m not sure why I look so confused but it’s a good pic for showing my beautiful dress (made by my beautiful Mummy) and Steven’s matching tie (made by me!)

Stevens & Vicky Wedding 025

One of the centrepieces, for those of you who haven’t realised we had a bicycle thing going on. We also put different versions of Scrabble on the tables because we played it on our first dateStevens & Vicky Wedding 053And we left on a vintage Vista Duo, lovingly restored by my hubby. Oh and you can see my knitted watch and my crochet capelet (both made by myself for the day)

Hope you like them, further details will follow, I just need to collect some more photos

And, of course, there’s the honeymoon to talk about!



New home WIPs

DSCF3018 DSCF3019 DSCF3020

They may look finished but they need a little tweaking and finishing

(btw, five weeks to the big day!)

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Moving day madness

Day, who am I kidding? It’s been nearly a fortnight and there are still bits and bobs to be sorted

Did I even mention that Steven and I bought a house?! Or should that be are buying a house…?

Either way, we’re in and cozying down. All the major stuff is done (which room is which, large bits of furniture, clothes mostly sorted and away, deep cleaned from top to bottom) Now we’re just left with the ‘unimportant’ rooms and the little niggly bits that seem to have lost their place (like my favourite candle plate with my favourite scented candle…)

The important things are: 1) we have a suite for the living room so there’s somewhere comfy to ignore all the mess; 2) my new craft room (oh yes!) is almost set up and clutter free; and 3) it’s ours and we love it!

I’m sure I had more to say but the sorting is calling me, hopefully I’ll be back with some craft news soon

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Shawl supplies

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my new obsession with knitted shawls…

But did I mention my struggle to buy supplies? We went to London last weekend and I failed to even find the circular needle required for my chosen pattern. The shop that I knew sold the required yarn (I’m actually using the recommended yarn in two of three recommended colours!) was too out of the way to get to with our limited time and the department stores we went to (Liberty and John Lewis) only seemed to stock Rowan.

So I ordered the yarn over dinner (it may have been an alcohol-fuelled impulse purchase) and hunted for a snazzy needle and stitch markers.

Since it’s a project for honeymoon, I want it to be special so I ordered my first ever KnitPro Symfonie needle and managed to get some yummy stitch markers from the same company with free postage!

Everything turned up last week



Even looking at the pictures gives me a little thrill

I’ve just finished winding the first colour into a ball (by hand – is there anything more beautiful? Or exhausting?)

So, the question now becomes, do I start to knit or wind the others?

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My first foray into shawl knitting…

…has been pretty disastrous so far!
After seeing some lovely shawls on other blogs, I’ve become obsessed with knitting one for myself and the lace cardi I knitted for mum has reawakened my love of lace knitting
So I decided to knit myself a lovely shawl for our honeymoon (four months left!)
After trawling Ravelry and struggling to get a feel for the patterns, I decided to go through my pattern stash so I could get a better idea of the stitch patterns and processes involved. I didn’t find that many but I fell in love with a few so researched them further and decided on one from an issue of Knit magazine (now Yarnwise) However, the Ravelry project page highlighted some issues with the magazine pattern with a note to email the designer for an updated version. Which I did and received a very speedy email back with the pattern attached.
However, after trying to swatch the pattern I ran into more issues since there were problems with the written pattern and I don’t like working from a chart (must remember to email the designer)
So I went back to the drawing board. The other two patterns I loved were less than ideal since one was crochet and the other was chunky. Then I found some more magazines put aside because I planned on making one of the projects and rediscovered another gorgeous pattern. I still couldn’t make it work
So I’ve ended up going back to the first pattern that I fell in love with on Ravelry -the mareeka shawl by Brian Smith
I’ve searched in and I love the pattern, being more textured than lacy, it’s a much easier knit. However, it’s also reminded me of my hatred of stitch markers!
Anyway, I planned to buy all my supplies in London yesterday. I love the colours of the shawl so decided to use the recommended yarn in similar colours (I think the yellow is discontinued and I’d set my heart on orange) and I need a 7mm circular needle and decided to treat myself to some snazzy stitch markers so I wouldn’t hate them quite so much.
Turns out Loop is a bit out of the way for a time-limited trip and John Lewis and Liberty’s didn’t have any suitable yarn so I came away with nothing.
Not too much of a problem since you can order from Loop online so the yarn will hopefully be here by next weekend (just in time for hospital appointment next Monday)
The needles should be fairly easy too, from one of my local yarn stores but stitch markers are a lot more tricky.
I’ve been trawling Etsy for about an hour but I can’t decide which ones I like best! I’m only looking at UK sellers so the postage costs are cheaper and they arrive more quickly but there’s still so much choice
I think I need a fruit tea and some more time to ponder…
Wish me luck (and patience)


Oooo, tricky!


I can’t decide which one I prefer but I think I’m leaning towards the blog pattern (on the right) with tassels instead of the fur fringe
What do you guys think?
I’ll be working on the fur effect tension swatch while we decide so wish me luck!

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A ponderance on unusual yarns

I have to admit to being a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to yarn. I tend to use yarns between 4ply and chunky, rarely super chunky and all these new novelty yarns hold absolutely no interest.

However, I’ve fallen in love with a pattern from the latest Mollie Makes. They’ve posted the pattern on their blog so check it out here.

The yarn in question is Louisa Harding’s Luzia but at £15 a ball, it’s way out of my price range. Well, okay, I could afford it if I scrimped on the other yarn and Steven has offered to buy it for me for Xmas but I resent paying so much for something so small (the pattern calls for two balls of Luzia plus some DK)

So, my ponderance is: what yarn, if any, could I replace it with?

Randomly enough, I dug out my knitted glove pattern (mine have gone astray) and one version uses a discontinued yarn from Stylecraft (Gypsy) which has a similar effect but the yarns seem to be categorised differently with Luzia as ‘fur’ and Gypsy as ‘eyelash’

Can anyone help me please? I’ve got no experience with these yarns but I fear my lust for the stole is too great to resist

Please please please?


Overwhelmed and under-enthused

So have you missed me? It might sound crazy but I’ve missed myself. I’ve been so bogged down with everything, I was too stressed to enjoy any one project or activity.

But I’m happy to say that I’m making good progress now and I’m definitely feeling the urge again (so to speak)

Last time I posted (almost a month ago, oopsie) I was working furiously on my Simply Recycled Aran jumper (SRAj) while Steven was working nights.

He wasn’t on nights for long but I made some really good progress and the back of the SRAj is now finished.

That’s as far as it goes though because I’ve put it aside to concentrate on some gifts, primarily xmas but the list is growing.

First on the list is a knitted Winnie the Pooh for my Nanny. I found the kit in one of my LYS and, after looking into it, found that it was quite ridiculously underpriced!

I then found a Tigger kit online which also has the stuffing and the teazel brush that you need to finish the effect so I bought that too. I have no idea who it’ll go to but there’s always a charity auction.

As well as the Pooh bear, I need to re-knit the cardi that I made her a few years ago. I somehow managed to use the wrong yarn (chunky instead of aran!) so it’s not a great fit.

I’d also decided to knit my mum a cardi and she recently bought some lovely unusual buttons so I had to let the cat out of the bag in case she wanted them on the cardi (or maybe I’m just really bad at keeping secrets)

Then… and this is huge… visiting another LYS to get supplies, the owner fell in love with my granny square bag (did I even remember to post about that?) and when her friend popped in for a visit showed it to her.

Long story short, I’m now working on my very first paid commission!

There’s a fairly quick turn around too because the bag is a gift for the owners birthday which is later this month!

So I’ve been working hard at that and my study and working five days a week (did I mention my new job?)

As well as trying to plan all my other projects (I was trying to make something to wear for my friends wedding this weekend but it just got too stressful)

Then… my aunt gave me a load of knitting patterns from a colleague’s aunt who had recently passed away.

Among the stash (it’s brilliant) is a booklet of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle jumpers!

My brother and I loved these when we were growing up and he happened to be round when I was looking through the patterns.

So his thirtieth birthday gift will be a TMNT jumper. He even helped me choose some yarn from my stash and I’m so excited about it!

Add to that all the little goodies that I’m hoping to sell and you’ve got one very busy, stressed-out Vix!

But, like I said, the lethargy is passing and I’m making some really good progress and I’m sure five-six hours in the car tomorrow will help too.

I’m just deleting all the old photos from my camera and I’ll be back soon with some new ones… once I figure out what I’ve already posted of course!

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