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We got married!

And I have a few pictures to share with you all (many thanks to our good friends Mark and Jacqueline for supplying said photographs)

Stevens & Vicky Wedding 002

I’m not sure why I look so confused but it’s a good pic for showing my beautiful dress (made by my beautiful Mummy) and Steven’s matching tie (made by me!)

Stevens & Vicky Wedding 025

One of the centrepieces, for those of you who haven’t realised we had a bicycle thing going on. We also put different versions of Scrabble on the tables because we played it on our first dateStevens & Vicky Wedding 053And we left on a vintage Vista Duo, lovingly restored by my hubby. Oh and you can see my knitted watch and my crochet capelet (both made by myself for the day)

Hope you like them, further details will follow, I just need to collect some more photos

And, of course, there’s the honeymoon to talk about!



I have a dreadful confession to make…

Aside from the usual blog neglect, obviously.

Deep breath… Steven and I have just had a few days away in Derbyshire and, not only did I forget to take Travel Zingy, I didn’t take a single photograph… *waits for horrified screams and accusations*

Now, there are several perfectly good reasons for this but still I’m quite shocked at myself.

We had a mostly lovely time, apart from the fact that I’ve been poorly. Not quite so poorly that we had to cancel but poorly enough that we struggled to do much during the day and I even spent a day by myself at the hotel while Steven was at a work thing.

The plus side to that? I did manage to get lots of knitting done. Unfortunately, it’s a gift and I’m not sure if the recipient reads the blog and, although they requested said gift, I’m hoping they’ve forgotten all about it. So no detailed updates on that for a while.

It has also been pointed out to me that if I share the major wedding crochet project, it might give too much away (for some reason, I’ve decided to keep a lot of details a secret from those attending) Although, having said that, the main project is more for the handfasting ceremony we’ll be holding prior to the wedding itself so maybe I can get away with it – for more details on that, keep an eye out on MM.

So, what does that leave? Well, all the catching up I keep promising to get done and forgetting or running out of time for. I’m hoping to spend a day lining up some scheduled posts to get caught up and then hopefully I can get back into the habit of posting regularly.

The biggest task ahead is trying to remember what I’ve told you and what I’ve promised to tell and what I’ve completely forgotten.

Unfortunately, I have an unfinished assignment looking at me atm (and I may or may not still be tucked up in bed drinking coffee)

Okay, okay, I’m getting up now!


Wedding fever!

Wow, it’s been a busy few weeks and not so much with the crafting.

I’ve actually managed to get myself a job but things a bit complicated so I’m not too excited about it. Actually, if I’m honest, it’s really stressing me out.

So I’ve been glad of some time to myself to make a dent in my ridiculous list of projects.

Most of them are small but there are a lot of design projects in there so they’re taking a while to get finished.

I finally finished my granny square bag and am super chuffed with it (pics to follow, hopefully) and I’ve made another two little ellies and a non-Zingy.

I had to make another blue twinkle ellie because Steven claimed that work Zingy was lonely. It didn’t turn out quite as good as the first and I now suspect that Steven was just trying to placate me with crochet since the ellie is actually living in his car.

I also made one from some Sirdar Crofter that’s been sitting in my stash for a couple of years and he is SUPER cute.

I also made a Zingy to match and to test out some safety eyes (and a nose) because I’m hoping to make several variations on the Zingy pattern to sell.

That’s one design project (I’m currently fighting with an owl and spend most of yesterday reciting ‘The Owl and The Pussycat’ – the bit I could remember anyway).

The other bits and bobs are notebook covers and clutch purses. Oh and I’m still pondering charm bracelets.

I’m a little wary because the crochet watches didn’t sell at all but I guess that’s a post for another day.

Speaking of which, I suppose I should get to the point – my brother’s getting married!!

So so exciting and it means I can look at the wedding pages of Etsy every day guilt-free.

They’re not planning on getting married until 2015 so plenty of time for pondering and planning (and photography practice since that’ll be my job on the day)

More of a time concern is a uni friends’s wedding, which in August!

For some reason I decided I wanted a yellow dress for the event. I then realised that yellow was impractical because it would mean knitting/crocheting a new accessory.

This is only an issue because of money and space concerns (my hand-knit drawer is actually overflowing!)

However, working next door to FatFace has it’s advantages and I’ve seen a rather nice black/white/grey maxi dress that will go rather nicely with either my purple or green shawl and wouldn’t look silly with my sambuca jacket either.

And, of course, all this wedding fever (it’s all over the crafting mags too, have you noticed?) has got me thinking about my own and I’m actually thinking I might design something yummy for myself for the evening do.

In fact, all the ladies involved could have one… and the men could have matching ties… or bow ties… and I could crochet the tableclothes and we could get married in winter so everyone would need a nice handknit!

Little OTT? We’ll see

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Bridesmaid’s Boleros – finished!

I’ve been learning a lot about patience and perseverance lately, as well as exercising my stubborn-ness!

I’m not a big fan of stocking stitch so the bolero cardigans weren’t high on the excitement level. It was definitely improved by the size of the cardigans (the most stitches I was ever working on was 156 and that was only for 14 rows) and the fact that the cardigans are a gift for someone, someone who is often amazed by my crafting and who I know will appreciate them.

So, I’m super excited to see Clare later this week and present her with not only the bigger cardigan but the smaller one AND an unused ball of yarn!

That’s right, I knitted both cardigans using only two balls of yarn, which means they cost just under £6 altogether!

I’ve really enjoyed working on a knitting project and a crochet project at the same time, I’ve loved getting back to some knitting but the portability of crochet just can’t be beaten (because of my eye problems, I can’t currently drive much and I hate to sit idle)

So, look out for an updated post on current projects and maybe a knitting vs. crochet discussion

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Bridesmaid’s Boleros – one down…

One to go!

Well, a week and a half after starting the larger bolero, it’s actually finished! Even I’m a little shocked

I actually finished it yesterday but decided the Versatile Blogger post was more important

As usual, I changed the pattern as I was knitting. The little girl measured small for her age so we went for the 3-4 year instead of the 5-6 and Clare really wanted the cardigans to be short so I altered the length. This threw up a slight issue because I hadn’t factored in the size of the armholes but there was just enough room and the cardigan looks really good.

The border was also knitted a bit strangely – the rib was added to the back after knitting the main part and the front border was knitted in two pieces before being sewn up. None of this made any sense to me so I started the back with the ribbed border and then picked up and knitted the front border all in one (hence reducing the amount of picking up stitches and sewing up involved)

I had some problems with the front border because I had fewer stitches than the pattern called for so I had to figure out my own increases for the shaping. It was a nightmare and I had to take it out and redo it a couple of times but it’s all worked out fine.

It’s quite dinky so really cute and I’m actually looking forward stitching the smaller one.

I think I’ll start with the sleeves this time so I can make sure there’s enough room to sew them in and alter the length accordingly.

It also took less yarn than I was expecting although the ribbed border needs a surprising amount. It means I might have quite a bit left over so I’m already pondering other projects to use it up!

Maybe a surprise for the bride but I’m not sure what yet… any suggestions appreciated!

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Hold the presses!

All other projects are being put on hold in order to help out my friend Clare. She’s getting married in two months and needs cardigans for her daughter and step-daughter who will be bridesmaids.

We’ve been talking about the wedding a lot lately (of course!) and she mentioned that they had found something suitable for her daughter (who is about 13months) but were struggling to find something for her step-daughter (who is five)

I’d mentioned previously that I had a knitting pattern for a bolero for young girls but I wasn’t sure what the smallest size was.

Anyway, shopping for yarn last week, Clare spotted the James C Brett Twinkle that I’m currently obsessed with and proclaimed the white perfect for her step-daughter!

No probs, I replied, let me check the pattern and see how much we need and we’ve got the perfect excuse to come out for coffee again next week!

Turns out the pattern is from one to 10 years so it’s suitable for both girls and I should be able to knit both cardigans from only three balls of yarn which means they’ll cost just under £9 for both.

So now I’ve got a challenge on my hands and I’m already loving it! We bought the yarn this morning and I’m already six rows into my tension swatch.

And I figure I can still do some crochet as well (Mum has requested another Sambuca Jacket for her holiday, which happens to be the same weekend as the wedding) because it travels so much more easily than knitting.

It’s gonna be hard to put away my current projects though…!

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