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Sock obsession – August super update

on February 2, 2017

I finished the pesky gift sockies!

I struggled so much with my DPNs that I actually ordered mini circulars

So, the first sock took me four months (FOUR) because I was worried about the combination of tiny DPNs and tiny baby

The second sock took me less than one month – no worries about eight sharp sticks and generally quicker progress

For some reason, however, I messed up the colourwork on the second sock but I don’t think it looks too obvious (especially to a non-knitting giftee)

I’ve already cast on a new pair of me sockies so it looks like the obsession will continue this year!

Now the question becomes – late 2016 gift or save them for 2017 gift?


2 responses to “Sock obsession – August super update

  1. Socks are awesome 🙂 And save them 🙂 Awlways good to be ahead

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