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Playing with lace

Super quick update – more details soon

It’s really fiddly but I’m already itching to do more!


2016 sock obsession review

I’ve finally managed to ponder my 2016 socks and write up a review.

In total, I made 15 3/8 pairs using 13 patterns, 10 of which were new to me and two my own design. I’ve tried several new indie dyed yarns including a new to me blend (yak – rather feltable) and one new to me commercial yarn.

I’ve certainly learnt a lot along the way, not just patterns and techniques but my own preferences.

I always preferred toe up socks because I found them easier to judge the fit but now that I’ve made several cuff down pairs and fought with a stretchy cast off, I’ve definitely revised and reversed my preference.

Similarly, I’ve always preferred to err on the larger side of sizing because I hate too tight socks but hand-knit socks definitely need a touch of negative ease.

The one problem I haven’t managed to overcome is fitting the heel of crochet socks – my two pairs of Cluster F**ks are fine but my Step by Step socks are a frankly hideous fit and actually hurt if they’re not in the right position (I’m gutted, it’s one of my favourite colourways).

The obsession certainly hasn’t abated and the challenge has been rather fun.

I will, of course, be continuing work on those pesky August gifites (I finished the first sock yesterday!) and I’ve bought myself some mini circular needles so you never know, perhaps there’ll be a 2017 sock challenge…!

January – Moss Check test knit
February – Cluster F**ks
March – Sea Steps
April – Regia lace
May – This Way Please test knit
June – Sport Weight Toe-Up Socks with Gusset Heel
Baby Booties x3
July – Riverflow test knit
August – unfinished secret gifties
September – more Cluster F**ks
October – Step by Step
November – own design
December – own design for baby

I’ve linked to my Rav project pages, which link to the pattern pages.

I’m rather proud of myself


Sock obsession – December

I did it!

An ickle pair of festive sockies for Little Miss.

I had plenty of yarn left over from my own elf socks so I decided to make a baby pair.

Again, I made it up as I went along so extra chuffed, particularly since she always seemed to be napping when I needed to try them on her!

Hopefully I can get a nice pic of us wearing them together sometime next week…

And look out for a run-down of my sock obsession year and some crafty aspirations for 2017

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Happy Halloween!

This was Little Miss’s Halloween outfit 

It consists of the Layla dress, a net petticoat, and a little hat – all made by me with some help from my mum!

Little Miss looked super cute at her photoshoot last week and I’ve had an idea to use the same materials for an outfit every year to see how she grows.

Time for a scary movie – Happy Halloween!

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Sock obsession – October

Woohoo! I’m back on track

This was another commercial pattern that I had to fight my way through but I have learnt a couple of things.

The sole is worked in linked double/treble crochet which creates a sturdier fabric than traditional double/treble.

And this pattern uses an afterthought heel which was fun.

I’m not convinced I’ll make this particular pattern again but it has given me an idea for next month (possibly)

And crochet socks are certainly easier to make with a tiny person around.

I love the yarn and I’ve got some left so I might even look into making Little Miss a matching pair.

More details later, I need to take advantage of an unexpected nap!

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Beat the Bump – dodecahedron

I came across this when I was browsing Pinterest the other day and had to make one immediately!

Celestine Crochet by Berroco in Stylecraft Special DK

It’s such fun to make and I think it’ll make a rather fun toy for Baby so a win-win all round.

I can picture loads in different colours and sizes (I just need some more stuffing, they’re quite big in DK!)

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Beat the Bump – wrap shrug

Ok, this one is cheating slightly but I wanted to get it done before Baby so I’m counting it.

Again, I’m not completely happy with it but I think it’s just the nature of the top so there’s not a lot I can do about it.

And, of course, almost as soon as I finished it, the┬átemperature went up (and up and up!) so I haven’t had a chance to wear it.

It was quite fun to make, despite the massively long rows and is definitely an unusual piece.

The pattern is Pink Wrapover Top by Hannah Cross and I used Stylecraft Special in Silver (bought for another, frogged disaster project)



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Beat the Bump – nursing jewellery

Nursing jewellery seems to be a contentious issue, particularly the chunky necklaces that are said to keep baby amused while feeding.

But, they seemed like a fun super speedy make and being a crafter meant I could personalise them (there were a lot of comments online about ‘hideous plastic beads’)

Nothing too strenuous or spectacular but they’re pretty and will, hopefully, be useful.

The original plan for the necklace was to have a large bead in the centre with smaller and smaller ones either side but the range of beads available wasn’t quite what I’d hoped so I decided to just use one size.

Then, I found some amazing ideas on Pinterest and further tweaked my original plan to include different designs and some plain beads.

Apparently this type of nursing necklace is also good for teething tots but we’ll see about that one.

The bracelet (designed to help keep track of which side baby needs to feed on) is a super simple i-cord.

I was going to elasticate it so I could just slip it off and on but it works quite nicely just sewn up.

Being cotton, it might not last long and, let’s face it, there is every possibility that I’ll forget to swap it.

I found another idea on Pinterest for a funky clip that you pop on your bra so I might investigate that further too.

Thinking about it, I’ve got another necklace that might make a nice nursing accessory but I haven’t got a picture (most of my jewellery has been packed away to make room for baby things). It was my own design though and I was rather chuffed with the result.

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The sock obsession develops

I’ve told you about my sock obsession, right?

Well, I’ve decided to develop said obsession by making a pair a month (preferably using a different pattern for each).

Whether I’ll last beyond July is another matter…

Anyway, it all began with a pattern test for these knitted lovelies

img_20160124_202717104.jpgMoss Check Socks by Claire at Yarntastic, available on Ravelry

These were a lot of fun to make and will definitely go on my ‘to make again’ list.

February saw some crochet lovelies, the yarn and pattern for which came in a Halloween yarn box.

img_20160221_181816505.jpgSuper Gigantic Cluster F*ck Socks by Sarra at Magpie and Goblin, also available on Ravelry

I had a little problem with the fit due to my massive size 8s but posted on a crochet FB page and Sarra herself told me how to fix it!

It also turned out that I’d been doing my clusters wrong almost from the start but, since I was working them two at a time, we’re calling it a design feature.

Again,another one on the ‘to make again’ list.

Last month I moved away from indie patterns and yarn and knitted up some lace lovelies from Drops using… um… some green from my stash…

wp-1461087101412.jpgSea Steps socks by Drops, available for free!

I’m particularly fond of these and I think the solid yarn works really well with the lace pattern.

I’m really behind this month thanks to a fight with a non-sock crochet pattern.

But I have swatched and cast on this yummy purple yak blend


To hopefully make these Regia goodies

wp-1461087084114.jpgRegia R0114 socks with lace edging

The pattern is a little complicated in how it’s written but I think I’ve got enough sock know-how to figure it out (or fudge it, whichever).

Next month, I’m thinking another crochet pattern. Mum and I have got a few days in London and I think crochet will travel better. I just need to choose a pattern…

Also on the list:
– aran cables
– a better fitting pair of Rye (also aran)
– xmas socks
-gifty socks
– baby socks

And of course, the ongoing mitred square socks (also know as ‘what was I thinking and when will it end!?’

That should keep me going for a while.

And on that note, it’s definitely time for a cuppa and some knitting!


Stash busting!

I’m feeling a little cash strapped lately. Xmas wasn’t too bad on my finances but our recent jaunt to Iceland wiped out some spare cash and with a baby on the way I’m trying to be frugal.

So, in the spirit of frugality (is that a word? It’s been a long day!) I’m working through my stash.

I’m normally very good and buy yarn for specific projects but I can’t resist a bargain so I’ve got a few bags of yarn waiting for the ‘perfect project’

First up – ten balls of Luisa Harding Fleuris in a lovely chocolate brown. I had intended to make a cocoon shrug but it’s taking some experimentation because the balls are actually a lot smaller than they look!

Next – two skeins of Rowan Alpaca Colour in my favourite mustard yellow. To be honest I’m not at all sure what to do with this but I can’t resist a nice yellow. Any ideas are appreciated.

Then – several skeins of Cascade Pima Cotton in a beautiful turquoise-y teal. I think this will become a lovely crochet cardi but it needs to be caked before I can swatch (also, the pattern I’ve got in mind was a pig last time).

Also – a selection of lovely DK which I was accumulating with the view to designing a knitted chevron cardi/shrug. My passion of designing waned however so it sits in a box…

Finally (maybe) – a skein of green sock yarn.I bought this before my passion for socks started but, again, it needs caking before I can use it so is currently sitting.

I’m even using up some of my acrylic stash on an intarsia blanket for baby. More on that soon.

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