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Stash busting!

I’m feeling a little cash strapped lately. Xmas wasn’t too bad on my finances but our recent jaunt to Iceland wiped out some spare cash and with a baby on the way I’m trying to be frugal.

So, in the spirit of frugality (is that a word? It’s been a long day!) I’m working through my stash.

I’m normally very good and buy yarn for specific projects but I can’t resist a bargain so I’ve got a few bags of yarn waiting for the ‘perfect project’

First up – ten balls of Luisa Harding Fleuris in a lovely chocolate brown. I had intended to make a cocoon shrug but it’s taking some experimentation because the balls are actually a lot smaller than they look!

Next – two skeins of Rowan Alpaca Colour in my favourite mustard yellow. To be honest I’m not at all sure what to do with this but I can’t resist a nice yellow. Any ideas are appreciated.

Then – several skeins of Cascade Pima Cotton in a beautiful turquoise-y teal. I think this will become a lovely crochet cardi but it needs to be caked before I can swatch (also, the pattern I’ve got in mind was a pig last time).

Also – a selection of lovely DK which I was accumulating with the view to designing a knitted chevron cardi/shrug. My passion of designing waned however so it sits in a box…

Finally (maybe) – a skein of green sock yarn.I bought this before my passion for socks started but, again, it needs caking before I can use it so is currently sitting.

I’m even using up some of my acrylic stash on an intarsia blanket for baby. More on that soon.

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How do you stash yours?

So, among all the crazy sorting and packing and unpacking, came some distinctly calm and relaxed yarn stash sorting.

I was quite excited for this particular part of moving home and had loads of storage spaces designated for yarn and notions and books and finished pieces and all the other… accoutrements required for a life of crafting.

Obviously, before a stash can be put away nicely, it needs to be gotten out and sorted. Mum and I had some great fun with this one crazy Sunday while poor Steven had to work

As well as my own stash, I had recently acquired two other stashes when friends of ours cleared out the homes of elderly relatives and immediately thought of me (don’t you love it when that happens?!)

So, how best to sort my stash? Tip it all out on the floor obviously!


That’s my DK stash…

And that’s the rest, there’s some 4-ply, some aran, some chunky and some super chunky

It looks like a lot but I’m assured that it’s a fairly modest stash (or at least, I tell myself that based on what other people have blogged)

I thought I was pretty good at keeping track of my stash but I did come across several balls that I’d forgotten about (including a ball of the brown aran that I’m using for my AFB – after I’d ordered three more balls)

I nicely sorted these by weight and packed them neatly away… and then remembered the ‘new yarn’ that needed to be sorted









These goodies came from a friend of my mum’s – a few nice balls of yarn and assorted needles. I have no idea what I will do with any of it but yarn is yarn and, better yet, free!


This massive pile came from a workmate of Steven’s and contains loads of different yarns as well as lots of balls of the same (if you see what I mean)

There’s even a full packet of ten balls of Sirdar Snuggly Chunky, which I think might have been discontinued.

Again, little-to-no idea what to do with it but free yarn is free yarn

Add to all this, all my ‘project yarn’









This consists of the projects that I’m actively working on (currently only two!), projects that I’ve started but put aside for whatever reason, and projects that have yet to be started.

Again, everything was sorted and neatly put away to be shifted to and re-stashed in the new flat

I eventually got around to this a few days ago

Here are the results!

The projects all fitted nicely into four cubes although I shifted things about a bit so they actually fit into three and I’ve got one free for other important items (like my Kindle!)

It also leaves my project bag free…


…to use on the actual beach

The main stash also fits beautifully into four cubes with one free for assorted accessories

The cubes all fit away into large storage units (the Expedit series from Ikea – love it!) so it’s all neatly away but really easily accessible

So, how big is your stash? And how and where do you keep it?


Buttons, buttons everywhere!

I love buttons!

Which is odd, considering how much I hate sewing them on… but there you have it!

So, while deciding which crochet/knitted collar to make next, I sorted through my buttons to see if I had anything suitable (not that I mind going out to buy more buttons)

I hadn’t realised I’d accumulated so many, my little button tin is practically bursting!

Most of my collection is made up of spare garment buttons and I had a great time trying to work out which button went with which garment (I’ve still got no idea on some)

Here are a few pics…









All nice and neat in my button tin. The ones in the little bags are fabric buttons so I like to keep them separate

And because I like to make a mess…

… I tipped them all out!








And because I don’t like to be too unorganised, I laid out some of┬ámy favourites









Some are extra garment buttons, some I bought (either for projects or just because) and one I bought and then decorated myself (no prizes for guessing which one)

I love some of them so much, I’m actually trying to design projects around them… strange but true

Anyway, some of them will be handy for more detachable collars and I think some might be useful for my designing

Either way, a person can never have too many buttons and I’m sure I can find a use for them somewhere

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