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SO2017 – February

I’m at it again and loving it! Socks are just sooo satisfying – quick to knit, pretty, useful

Some say they’re pointless because they’re never seen but I say pooh pooh (also, I have a baby and baby groups tend to be shoes off affairs!)

Anyway, here are my February lovelies

YinYang Kitty Socks

Aren’t they fun? I don’t think the variegated yarn is the best for these but I needed to use it because I love it so much 

In fact, I’m still sorely tempted to frog the crochet socks made from this and knit the yarn into something nicer

In other news, work on my lovely lace shawl has stalled because it’s too too fiddly and sloooow. But I’ve already got another pattern lined up for after I finish my other current WIP – a lovely cardi in hand dyed 4ply. 

Th ose are both knitting (hence the one at a time approach) but I’ve also got some crochet projects waiting to be swatched and started

But for now, I’m trapped under a feeding, sleeping baby with no crafts within reach so I guess I’ll read for a while…


Simply Recycled Aran Jumper – review

So what did you think of my SRA jumper?
I’m still a little unconvinced but I’ve already worn it loads (the weather here has turned and turned again!)
There are aspects that I absolutely love.
The yarn, as you know, is a favourite of mine. It’s a blend of recycled cotton and acrylic and comes in some lovely colours as well as being produced in both DK and aran (ooo, I wonder if they’ll start making a chunky version…) It can be a bit ‘splitty’ though so it’s sometimes worth rewinding the balls
I think what I love most is the combination of the wavy lace pattern and garter stitch
As with many lace patterns, it looks a lot more complicated than it is and it’s easy to get into the rhythm
However, this is also one of it’s downfalls because the pattern can become repetitive and, sometimes, a little dull
My main problem is my usual one and partly my own fault
I think the jumper is too baggy and the sleeves in particular seem huge!
Because, of course, I’ve done my usual trick of imagining myself as smaller than I am. I looked at the jumper in the picture and thought ‘oh it’s so lovely and so me’ forgetting that I’m a) taller than the average bear and b) not a size 10.
You’d think I’d learn but I don’t think it would cost the designers much to indicate the size of the jumper on the model and perhaps even have a pic or two of a larger size (this is why I love Ravelry)
And, of course, for the jumper to fit my bust, it has to drown me in other areas
Perhaps my next jumper (like my very first) should be fitted…


I almost forgot…

Here’s beautiful Mummy in her cardigan


And a close up of the buttons


I remembered that she’d bought some lovely ceramic buttons when she was on holiday last summer so I left them off until she could choose for herself. The square shell buttons came with the magazine with the pattern in and were designed to go with them. We decided to mix things up a little with one different button (she only had one) and place it half way down ish

She’s worn it a lot already and even my Nan was admiring it yesterday!

Very chuffed

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My first foray into shawl knitting…

…has been pretty disastrous so far!
After seeing some lovely shawls on other blogs, I’ve become obsessed with knitting one for myself and the lace cardi I knitted for mum has reawakened my love of lace knitting
So I decided to knit myself a lovely shawl for our honeymoon (four months left!)
After trawling Ravelry and struggling to get a feel for the patterns, I decided to go through my pattern stash so I could get a better idea of the stitch patterns and processes involved. I didn’t find that many but I fell in love with a few so researched them further and decided on one from an issue of Knit magazine (now Yarnwise) However, the Ravelry project page highlighted some issues with the magazine pattern with a note to email the designer for an updated version. Which I did and received a very speedy email back with the pattern attached.
However, after trying to swatch the pattern I ran into more issues since there were problems with the written pattern and I don’t like working from a chart (must remember to email the designer)
So I went back to the drawing board. The other two patterns I loved were less than ideal since one was crochet and the other was chunky. Then I found some more magazines put aside because I planned on making one of the projects and rediscovered another gorgeous pattern. I still couldn’t make it work
So I’ve ended up going back to the first pattern that I fell in love with on Ravelry -the mareeka shawl by Brian Smith
I’ve searched in and I love the pattern, being more textured than lacy, it’s a much easier knit. However, it’s also reminded me of my hatred of stitch markers!
Anyway, I planned to buy all my supplies in London yesterday. I love the colours of the shawl so decided to use the recommended yarn in similar colours (I think the yellow is discontinued and I’d set my heart on orange) and I need a 7mm circular needle and decided to treat myself to some snazzy stitch markers so I wouldn’t hate them quite so much.
Turns out Loop is a bit out of the way for a time-limited trip and John Lewis and Liberty’s didn’t have any suitable yarn so I came away with nothing.
Not too much of a problem since you can order from Loop online so the yarn will hopefully be here by next weekend (just in time for hospital appointment next Monday)
The needles should be fairly easy too, from one of my local yarn stores but stitch markers are a lot more tricky.
I’ve been trawling Etsy for about an hour but I can’t decide which ones I like best! I’m only looking at UK sellers so the postage costs are cheaper and they arrive more quickly but there’s still so much choice
I think I need a fruit tea and some more time to ponder…
Wish me luck (and patience)