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Sock obsession – August super update

I finished the pesky gift sockies!

I struggled so much with my DPNs that I actually ordered mini circulars

So, the first sock took me four months (FOUR) because I was worried about the combination of tiny DPNs and tiny baby

The second sock took me less than one month – no worries about eight sharp sticks and generally quicker progress

For some reason, however, I messed up the colourwork on the second sock but I don’t think it looks too obvious (especially to a non-knitting giftee)

I’ve already cast on a new pair of me sockies so it looks like the obsession will continue this year!

Now the question becomes – late 2016 gift or save them for 2017 gift?


FO – nursing jumper

I’m still compiling my sock obsession info so here’s a quick pic of my nursing jumper

The pattern is from Natural Knits for Mums and Babies by Louisa Harding and I used Rico Creative Cotton.

I was actually pleasantly surprised how far the yarn went and the only thing I dislike about the pattern is the 16 buttons it requires (they took me about four days)

The idea is so genius but I struggled to get this finished with Little Miss around (she learned to grab my needles and yarn at a very early age!)
I have got enough yarn for another though because I asked for loads for my birthday so I might have to persevere or perhaps adapt a crochet pattern since I’m finding it easier than knitting these days.

Having said that, the weather will probably start to warm up before I manage to finish it so we’ll see.

Hopefully, I’ll have time to post more now that Xmas is done because I’ve been a surprisingly busy bee


Countdown to Xmas

The festive season this year feels so much bigger – more exciting, more magical (more expensive!)

But last year was pretty magical too because we already knew we were pregnant so we had this amazing secret between just the two of us.

If you remember, last year I decided to make a stocking a day for ‘advent’ but didn’t get around to the finishing off.

Well, this year I did and just in time for December 1st (I finished it that day but it still counts)

Ta-da! You can’t actually see the whole thing here because it’s so long

The original plan was to hang rows of them in a frame and make them random but I couldn’t get a nice frame and hubby said he thought a string was better anyway.

The main issue with this is the colours – there are too many places where there are two together but it’s done and it will last for years.

I bought the felt numbers for Hobbycraft but the number 1 is actually missing! It will be easy enough to make one when I can get to my felt stash but it’s low priority at the moment

The stockings are just a nice size for a choccy or two but in later years, when Little Miss is older, it will contain other things!

Right now I’m working on some amigurumi toys, oh and I finished a jumper but I haven’t photographed it yet.

But yesterday was jab day so we’re in our pyjamas for a cuddly day (right now we’re watching the xmas sewing bee from a few years ago!)


Sock obsession – November

Yay, another month, another pair of socks!!

Festive sockies! (Please excuse the pic, we’re squeezing this post in before heading out for ceramic painting)

I’m extra proud of these because I pretty much made them up as I went along.

Obviously I had some prior knowledge of heels and toes but I have tweaked them to make these truly my creation.

The yarn was from a festive box last year that I didn’t get around to making. There was a knitting pattern included but, with Little Miss making sock knitting nigh on impossible, I took a chance.

I think the yarn actually works really nicely and I love the contrast heel, toe and cuff.

I went for picot instead of ribbing because I love picot edgings and wanted something a bit different.

I *might* write up the pattern in the new year but for now I’ll just enjoy my elf stripe sockies and ponder making a matching pair for Little Miss because I’ve got loads of yarn left.

Better run, nappies to change etc etc!!


Sock obsession – August update

I had hoped to make some progress on these gifties while we were on holiday last week but I find it a bit tricky to knit socks in the car and we ended up driving down in the dark anyway.

I did manage to get a few rounds of the foot done but progress is still super slow.

With this in mind, I might have to resign myself to not getting them done this year (oh, I hate how that sounds!)

I’ve got other things to get done before Xmas which are much more realistic but it will take me a while to be okay with it.

In other news, it’s nearly the end of the month so look out for an exciting update soon!

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Perhaps time for a separate hand-knit laundry basket

Remember my April sock obsession socks?

These, lovely lacy yak-blend beauties?

Well now they look like this

I forgot they were in the basket and we only wash on 40°

I’m really upset but vaguely amused at the same time – it’s a bizarre feeling

Still, some of the family have tiny feet, I wonder if they’d like some nice felted socks…


And in other news…


This is the Layla dress by Verity Castledine made in some lovely hand dyed DK yarn (I think it’s called Midnight Kissing but I can’t remember who it’s by)

To be honest, I love making for Little Miss but this was not fun.

The pattern doesn’t have any stitch counts and my rows never seemed to work quite as they should.

I managed to fudge it though and I think the end result is lovely.

The dress is intended for Halloween so I hope it fits nicely

We’ve even got a Halloween photo shoot booked so it will then be paired with a net petticoat and (hopefully) a crochet witches hat

I better make a start I guess

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Sock obsession – September

Another fail this month but I haven’t been idle.

I’m still plodding along with my secret sockies but they might have to be a gift for next year because I’m still working on the first one. All the difficult bits are done though so you never know!

I’ve also made another pair of Super Gigantic Cluster F**ks with the purple and green left over from my mitred square socks .

I actually started these months ago in preparation for our hospital stay but decided to knit while there instead so it’s nice to finally finish them.

Unfortunately, they don’t count towards my sock challenge because I’ve already made a pair.

I’m definitely finding it easier to crochet than knit, which is a shame really since I have so many knitting projects planned.

So, hopefully next month I can find another yummy crochet pattern (I believe Magpie and Goblin have another pattern coming out soon!)

In the meantime, I have been crocheting other things…

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Breaking news!

Another WIP finished – Baby has finally arrived, a little girl born yesterday at 8:59am, weighing 7lb15.

We’re all doing well and Baby is perfect.

There will be a couple more Beat the Bump posts to catch us up and then I shall make some pretty dresses!

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Beat the Bump – lamb mobile

The baby of a crafter needs a home made mobile, right?

The pattern is from Repeat Crafter Me and I think they’re one of the cutest things I’ve seen or made!

The only change I made was to knit the bodies instead of crochet them (it was so much easier!).

The mobile is still in need of some finishing but it’s up and waiting for Baby… as are we!

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