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Wedding fever!

Wow, it’s been a busy few weeks and not so much with the crafting.

I’ve actually managed to get myself a job but things a bit complicated so I’m not too excited about it. Actually, if I’m honest, it’s really stressing me out.

So I’ve been glad of some time to myself to make a dent in my ridiculous list of projects.

Most of them are small but there are a lot of design projects in there so they’re taking a while to get finished.

I finally finished my granny square bag and am super chuffed with it (pics to follow, hopefully) and I’ve made another two little ellies and a non-Zingy.

I had to make another blue twinkle ellie because Steven claimed that work Zingy was lonely. It didn’t turn out quite as good as the first and I now suspect that Steven was just trying to placate me with crochet since the ellie is actually living in his car.

I also made one from some Sirdar Crofter that’s been sitting in my stash for a couple of years and he is SUPER cute.

I also made a Zingy to match and to test out some safety eyes (and a nose) because I’m hoping to make several variations on the Zingy pattern to sell.

That’s one design project (I’m currently fighting with an owl and spend most of yesterday reciting ‘The Owl and The Pussycat’ – the bit I could remember anyway).

The other bits and bobs are notebook covers and clutch purses. Oh and I’m still pondering charm bracelets.

I’m a little wary because the crochet watches didn’t sell at all but I guess that’s a post for another day.

Speaking of which, I suppose I should get to the point – my brother’s getting married!!

So so exciting and it means I can look at the wedding pages of Etsy every day guilt-free.

They’re not planning on getting married until 2015 so plenty of time for pondering and planning (and photography practice since that’ll be my job on the day)

More of a time concern is a uni friends’s wedding, which in August!

For some reason I decided I wanted a yellow dress for the event. I then realised that yellow was impractical because it would mean knitting/crocheting a new accessory.

This is only an issue because of money and space concerns (my hand-knit drawer is actually overflowing!)

However, working next door to FatFace has it’s advantages and I’ve seen a rather nice black/white/grey maxi dress that will go rather nicely with either my purple or green shawl and wouldn’t look silly with my sambuca jacket either.

And, of course, all this wedding fever (it’s all over the crafting mags too, have you noticed?) has got me thinking about my own and I’m actually thinking I might design something yummy for myself for the evening do.

In fact, all the ladies involved could have one… and the men could have matching ties… or bow ties… and I could crochet the tableclothes and we could get married in winter so everyone would need a nice handknit!

Little OTT? We’ll see

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Crochet Zingy pattern

This is my first try at writing a crochet pattern so I really hope it works. Please let me know if you have any issues and I’ll try my hardest to work it out.

I used Stylecraft Special DK yarn in shade 1256 Jaffa, some oddments of white and black DK from my stash (for some of the eyes and noses) and black and white felt (for most of the eyes and noses)

Here goes:

For the body:

Using orange yarn and a 3.5mm hook, make a magic circle and dc6 into it

Round 2: inc. around (12 sts)

Round 3: (dc, inc) around (18sts)

Round 4: (dc2, inc) around (24sts)

Round 5: (dc3, inc) around (30 sts)

Round 6: dc tbl around

Round 7: dc around

Round 8: (dc4, inc) around (36sts)

Round 9: dc around

Round 10: (inc, dc5) around (42sts)

Round 11: dc around

Round 12: dc around

Round 13: (dc5, dc2tog) around (36sts)

Round 14: dc around

Round 15: (dc2tog, dc4) around (30sts)

Round 16: (dc3, dc2tog) around (24sts)

Round 17: (inc, dc3) around (30sts)

Rounds 18 – 27: rep. rounds 7 – 16 (24sts after round 27)

Start stuffing your Zingy now and add a little more after each round (where possible)

Round 28: (dc2tog, dc2) around (18sts)

Round 29: (dc, dc2tog) four times, dc2tog to end (11sts)

Round 30: dc2tog (dc2tog, dc) three times (7sts)

Round 31: dc around

Round 32: dc2tog twice, dc3 (5sts)

For the eyes (make two):

Using white yarn and 3.5mm hook, make a magic circle and dc6 into it

Inc around (12sts)

Cast off

Using black yarn and 3mm hook, ch3, ss to join and cast off

Attach the black pupil to the white and attach to your Zingy

For the nose:

Using black yarn and 3mm hook, ch2

Dc into 2nd ch

Cast off

Attach just below the eyes of your Zingy

To complete:

Tightly tie a length of orange yarn around the neck of your Zingy

For a Big Zingy:

Use a 4mm hook for the body and the whites of the eyes and a 3.5mm hook for the pupils and nose

For a Baby Zingy:

Using orange yarn and a 3.5mm hook, make a magic circle and dc6 into it

Round 2: inc. around (12 sts)

Round 3: (dc, inc) around (18sts)

Round 4: (dc2, inc) around (24sts)

Round 5: dc tbl around

Round 6: dc around

Round 7: (dc3, inc) around (30sts)

Round 8: (inc, dc4) around (36sts)

Round 9: dc around

Round 10: (dc2tog, dc4) around (30sts)

Round 11: (dc3, dc2tog) around (24sts)

Round 12: (dc2tog, dc2) around (18sts)

Round 13: (inc, dc2) around (24sts)

Rounds 14 – 19: rep. rounds 7 – 12 (18sts after round 19)

Start stuffing your Zingy now and add a little more after each round (where possible)

Round 20: (dc, dc2tog) four times, dc2tog to end (11sts)

Round 21: dc2tog (dc2tog, dc) three times (7sts)

Round 22: dc around

Round 23: dc2tog twice, dc3 (5sts)


I’m so excited to publish this, I just hope it works properly


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Everyone loves Zingy!

What’s that snaking through my door?











It’s my army of Zingys! Lead by Travel Zingy, of course

Travel Zingy loves adventure and he always likes to lead the others. Next comes Big Zingy, he’ll protect them from any danger. Just Plain Zingy comes next, followed by Bookworm Zingy, the office crew and Baby Zingy bringing up the rear

Upstairs, downstairs











The Zingys love to get together. Some of the group love to sunbathe














Sometimes Dharma Zingy comes over to join the fun

But he enjoys his job so he’s often found out in his van

Baby Zingy is often left out of the fun but when he grows up, he wants to be a big strong flame, just like the others

Just Plain Zingy loves to show off

He always likes to be in the spotlight

But since he helps to provide the energy, I guess that’s ok

















Travel Zingy, what are you doing up there?

Oh dear, both of you, get down from there!

Now, like any Englishman, Just Plain Zingy loves a nice cup of tea











And like any Frenchman, he also loves a nice glass of wine (shame it’s not red though, huh Zingy?)

So, this Zingy is my very own pattern and I plan to post it as soon as I remember where I’ve written it down

Also, look out for ‘The Adventures of Travel Zingy’, we’ve been out and about on the tandem this week!