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FO: Reindeer invasion!


EMReindeer (1)


EMReindeer (2)


EMReindeer (3)


EMReindeer (4)


EMReindeer (5)

From the left: Boris; Arnold; Beatrice; Jessie; and Richard

They all have homes to go to this festive season but this little lady will be staying here to join our menagerie

EMReindeer (6)

Our Beatrice

We’re now pondering noses and accessories 🙂


FO: Ben the Wolf



There should be another pic but my phone doesn’t seem to want to add it…

Another amazing Toft animal pattern!

Ben has joined the rest of my menagerie on the clock in the hallway. It always make me smile when I pass them

For some reason, Ben is a little bigger than the others but since he’s a big strong wolf I think that’s ok

Next on my list, four reindeer! I just need to buy some suitable yarn… shame that


FO: Vixen


Totally obsessed with these critters!

Next, I’m planning a wolf and three reindeer 🙂


Knitting and Stitching Show 2014: part two

Well, it’s a week after the event and I only now find myself with the time and inspiration to write… busy bee!

So, my mum and I went to the Show with our posh LYS Twist. We went with them last year as well and, again, had a great time.

I did suffer a few disappointments however and one came very early on.

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that I’m currently obsessed with Edward’s Menagerie so the Toft stand was high on my list of must-sees.

It was actually the first one we came across as we walked into the hall. The stand looked amazing, the animals from the book were all there, fluffy alpaca goodies and the staff were crocheting.

My excitement was short lived, however, because the yarns were the same price as online and the only special offer they seemed to be running for the show was a free pom pom when you buy two balls of yarn for a hat.

I went away feeling very sad so I was glad to come across one of my favourite stands from last year – Stitch Witch

Mum and I bought loads from them last year and this year was no different, we came away with fabric, wadding and buttons and then made another purchase because Mum fell in love with an Advent calendar kit (and I decided I needed some bias binding)


The two Halloween fabrics and the orange came from Stitch Witch and I bought the others later on at various stands.


I’m not sure you can see them very well but I bought some sheep buttons and some festive lighting string.

The little sewing kit was a freebie for signing up for the Abakhan newsletter

I kicked myself when we found the Brother stand because I realised I’d forgotten to check the model number on my sewing machine and I wanted to look for a zipper foot.

I remembered it though and the man was really helpful talking me through how it worked (turns out that the machine actually came with a plastic zipper foot so now I’m pondering selling the other)

So good was the salesman in fact that Mum bought an overlocker! She’s been wanting one since the Sewing Bee and they had a good deal on for the show.

Another stand that was high on our list was Aceville publications. They publish some brilliant magazines, including Homemaker which is our current favourite.

We were both after subscriptions and we figured there would offers on at the Show so we waited impatiently.

We were not disappointed! As well as getting the first three issues for just £6, there were loads of freebies.


First, you get a goodie bag with an issue of one of their magazines (Mum went for Let’s Knit and I had Crafts Beautiful), two packets of yarn balls and needles, and a packet of felt. Then you get a choice of a Debbie Bliss pattern booklet with two skeins of yarn or a couple of kits… I think one was a knitted teddy

We went for the Debbie Bliss and Mum went home with my yarn as well because it was Winter Garden which is 20% silk so I won’t use it

Also on my list was Baa Ram Ewe but we didn’t find them until quite late on. I wanted to find them to get a book that I’ve seen, hoping it would be cheaper at the Show.

Unfortunately this was disappointment number two because they didn’t have it. Apparently it was a collaboration with Rowan and the stand at the Show was focussing on their Titus yarn.

We didn’t come away empty handed though because they had kits to make Stephen West’s Daybreak Shawl. I’ve seen versions of this that I’m simply not keen on but the sample they’d knitted up was amazing.

We both bought the kits but with different colours and Mum bought a blanket pattern too.


I actually got more than we bargained for because I ended up with an extra mini skein!

When I finally decided to buy the needles I needed at the Show (again, I couldn’t find them any cheaper than online so I was reluctant) I bought one of the ones I need for another project and the ones I need for the shawl


This is definitely my second best buy because I’ve already made so much more progress on the project than I was with straight needles (more on that another day)

I say second best because I bought some Stylecraft Special to finish off my fox (oh, I didn’t post did I?!) and I completed the crochet on the way home and sewed her together when I got home.

Turns out though that their Show price was still more than I can get the yarn for so I stopped at a single ball.

Last year, I kicked myself for not buying Woodland Knits when we saw it so we hunted down the stand (we couldn’t remember who it was but knew they had lots of Cath Kidston) and Mum bought it for me for xmas.

We both also bought the new Cath Kidston Sewing Book which comes with a brilliant kit for a sewing pouch.

I was surprised when I checked the list of stands to find that Sirdar didn’t have one. Turns out they were well represented by Black Sheep Wools who had literally two mounds of yarn for people to dig through.

My first thought was that I wanted to just jump into it and cosy up but I decided it might have been frowned upon.

I couldn’t resist a packet of Click DK in a yummy orange and I’ve decided what I’d like to make with it, I just need to find a pattern

And Mum and I went halves on a packet of Snuggly Kisses to make blankets for expectant friends


I bought a few little odds and ends as well, ribbon and buttons and such ( you can see them in some of the above pics and in the main one below)

We had both set ourselves a budget and only blew it a little (not including Mum’s overlocker), we both got some gifts sorted and we both came away with some real treats so a good day all round

Now I just need the time to play with it all… I wonder if the sound of my sewing machine will disturb my sleeping husband…


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FO: Mrs Tori Cottontail


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FO: Batty!



Makes me smile


FO: more sheep!

Budgie the Sheep went down an absolute storm with everyone who met him. So much so that my mum requested one of her own

Here he is, with his big brother



Budgie was made using yarn from my stash so ‘Saw the Sheep’ (there is a tale behind the name) is made from a different brown and his body is all oatmeal rather than being a mix. Mum and Steven were both of the opinion that the sheep needed eyes so I bowed to pressure and sewed on a couple of little buttons… personally I don’t like them but Mum was chuffed

But I couldn’t stop there, I wanted another so may I introduce Cappuccino the Sheep (also pictured sitting with his big brother)


I love the way their heads tilt at the same angle!

Cappuccino was made using a simple black and the same brown as Saw but I worked the fleece slightly differently to speed things up a little.

I really do love this pattern, which is from SImply Crochet issue 13 and designed by Toft, and I may have to make even more sheep in the future (or perhaps alter the pattern to make some other animals?)

The pattern was very easy to follow and although the fleece is slightly tricky to work, the effect is amazing.

Normally, I’m not a fan of toy patterns that require you to sew together the separate pieces but the way the legs and ears are attached make the sewing up an absolute breeze.

I can’t think of a single problem I had (apart from my complete obsession with the little critters of course!) although I do think that the Toft yarns are a bit pricey for making stuffed animals.

It’s a shame, really, that sheep come in so few colours…