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Beat the Bump – baby cardigans

Oh dear, I was convinced I’d already posted about my love of this pattern but I can’t find it so it’s possible I imagined it… or probably wrote it out but didn’t post it…

Anyway, a while back I fell in love with a cute little knitted baby cardi pattern. Free, top down, seamless – three of my favourite things.

I made two in 4ply cotton, followed by another for my brother and sister-in-law (I can’t find the pictures!)

However, with a July baby, I figured we wouldn’t need much newborn knitwear and then I found some hand-dyed rainbow DK cotton yarn in my stash…

Do you see where I’m going?

I finished knitting the yellow one ages ago but was resisting sewing the buttons on.

The red one, however, I started and finished after my due date. Including buttons and washing (while I re-washed my split back tank top)

I still love them but I think I need a new pattern, five of the same thing might be my limit!

The pattern is Linnie by Justyna Lorkowska and I used Stylecraft Cotton Classique for the main parts.

Hopefully soon we’ll have Baby here so I can make something gender specific!!

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Reworked: granny stripe socks

I just couldn’t deal them being so imperfect




You can’t really see the differences very well but they feel a load better
And I’ve started a third pair!
I’d say I’m sorry but I’m really not

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FO: more granny stripe socks!




Love the pattern, love the socks
For these yummy sockies, I used one ball of Stylecraft Carnival and a 5.5mm hook to get the tension right.
The yarn is a little slubby though, particularly at the beginning of the ball sometimes it’s almost super chunky, sometimes more like DK!
I was very conscious that I only had one ball of yarn so I actually worked both socks at once, one from the outer end of yarn and one from the inside end.
I was trying on as I went so my row count is different than the pattern and I altered the heel because it looked too pointy.
Because I was running short on yarn, the cuff is simply a couple of rows of DC.
I am a little disappointed because the heel and the toe both still look a bit pointy, the socks are a larger fit than I might have gone for and a little shorter than I might have liked
As a result, I’m sorely tempted to rip them out and start again…
I should probably weave my ends in before the temptation becomes too much!
What do you think?