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Doesn’t time fly…

…when you’re doing nothing?

So, it would appear that another month has gone by and I still haven’t managed to get back in the habit of posting regularly.

I wish I could say that life’s been a whirlwind of activity but it hasn’t, just the usual rounds of jobs, study, crafts, books and movies.

I had actually gotten into a really good routine (although without time for posting) but things keep getting in the way.

Most recently is the death of my paternal grandfather. He passed away last Monday and I’m still trying to come to terms with it.

To be honest, though, I’m doing quite well considering all the other things going on. Last Tuesday was a really bad day but each day since has been a little better.

The other main issue is that Steven’s away at the moment. He left last Monday (just typical right?) and will be home in a week so I’m spending A LOT of time alone.

But I’m somehow managing to get a lot of stuff sorted and finished so I have plenty to tell you.

The owl obsession continues and I finished the cross stitch bookmark in about a week (pics to follow).

I’ve also discovered a few new patterns that have turned out well and some that have been complete disasters.

Oh and there’s a ‘new’ magazine out that I’m quite excited about so expect a review of that soon.

I’m currently working on a crochet egg decoration but it’s not going well so I’m looking forward to a break while I cook something yummy for tea.

I’ll be back soon, I promise!

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Future projects

So, having only finished my jacket yesterday, I’ve already started a new project!

It’s a very cute but simple tea cosy from December’s Knit Today magazine (issue 67), although I’m altering it a little by knitting it in one piece instead of two and using different yarn and colours (leftovers from my last two crochet projects)

I suspect it will only take a day or two to finish (lovely warm tea by Monday!) so I need to start thinking about another new project…

Or do I?

I have to admit that I keep forgetting about my existing projects. As well as those I mentioned earlier in the week, I’ve found a crochet bag missing it’s lining and it’s handles and remembered that my Kindle cover really needs to be replaced (the other one is a bit too loose and slightly wonky).

So, maybe it would be more sensible (not to mention cheaper) to finish one or two of them first…

This will mean having two active projects on the go at once because I’m still working on that secret project for my boyfriend.

It’s a tricky choice. As much as I love cross stitch, knitting and crochet are so much easier to pick up and put down as well being quicker to finish.

But maybe it’s time for a change.

So how do you work? Lots of projects on the go at once? Or carefully finishing one before planning and starting another?

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Current projects

I’m currently working on four projects: a crochet jacket for myself; a secret knitting project for my boyfriend; a quilted blanket that I’ve been working on for years; and a cross stitch that may well never get finished!

I started the blanket while I was at uni, always planning that it would be a project to pick up and put down as the fancy took me. Unfortunately, I rather fear that I’m going about it the wrong way which often stops me picking it up when I’m at a loose end.

The cross stitch is a large, fully stitched image called Woodland Enchantress by Dimensions. I started it several months ago but, having just completed another large cross stitch, decided it was time for a change. Looking at it now though, I’m excited to get started in earnest. It’s so beautiful and intricate and will certainly be a challenge.

The secret knitting project is a Union Jack Slipover (very much hoping my boyfriend can be put off from reading this blog!), knitted using the intarsia technique. I found the free pattern on the Coats Crafts website and fell in love with it. I was hoping it would be a nice surprise for him for Christmas but, with the other projects I had on, I didn’t manage to finish it so it remains a secret for another little while.

I’m really excited about my crochet jacket, a pattern from the book AUSTENtatious Crochet, but I’m already having a few issues with it. Showing it to my mum the other day, I noticed that the shoulder shaping on the back is different to the front/s… I’m not sure what to do about this so I’m continuing with the sleeves while I ponder the problem.

I was in love with the book from the first time I saw it but, I have to say, I’ve been disappointed. The piece I most wanted to make was Emma’s Hood but the pattern simply didn’t work for me. I tried and tried and eventually gave up after my fourth attempt. I even e-mailed the designer who was very helpful to begin with but seemed to lose interest when she realised that she perhaps couldn’t help me.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has succesfully made the hood or something else using the five star marguerite stitch or, indeed, anyone who has more experience of crochet than I do.

Having said that, I’d love to hear from anyone who shares my love of craft!



Hello and welcome!

Hi there and welcome to my new blog, all about crafting.

I’m told that I’ve always been creative and crafting rather runs in my family. My paternal grandmother used to knit us stuffed toys, I remember fighting over one with my half sister, each of us badly wanting it but insisting the other had it.

My mum likes to knit, sew and cross-stitch and she has taught me many of her skills. She taught me to knit when I was young but I was quite rubbish back then. More recently, she decided to knit a baby blanket and cardigan for my pregnant aunt. I liked the pattern so I decided to try and knit the bootees and mittens that matched.

I have to say they were rather a success, despite the fact that I wasn’t casting on properly so the mittens looked a bit uneven (one was rocket shaped and the other looked more like a bullet!)

Well, my ‘baby’ cousin is now just over three years old! In that time, I’ve knitted loads of different things for various people (although mostly myself I have to admit). I used to be able to remember all my projects but I’ve done so many now that I’ve completely lost track.

I have a strange habit (or, at least, I’m told it’s a little strange) of keeping all of the ball bands from my projects so I wonder if I could go through them and write a list…

Anyway, I also love cross stitch and started that at quite an early age too. We even did some at school, I think.

I have to admit that I don’t cross stitch as much as I might like, I’ve got so many finished pieces sitting and waiting to be framed and there simply isn’t enough wall space!

I recently taught myself to crochet (about five or six moths ago, I think) and I’m currently working on my third/fourth crochet project. The second was an absolute disaster, although I’m still not sure if it was my fault or a dodgy pattern. Being as stubborn as I am, I plan to go back to it.

I can sew and I enjoy it but it tends to take a backseat to other crafts. Unlike my mum, I don’t know how to work from a pattern so my sewing tends to be┬álimited to joining up knitwear and repairing clothes, although I am rather good at lining knitted bags and I’m working on a quilted blanket that everyone admires.

I’m hoping this blog will be a source of information to both myself and others, a place to share ideas and experiences and a chance to connect with people that I wouldn’t otherwise meet.

I plan to write about my own experiences, both good and bad and offer advice based on those experiences and I hope that readers of my blog will offer up their own experiences to share.

I’ll also talk about my current and future projects and, hopefully, this blog will encourage me to try even more new techniques and to write about them.

I don’t plan on posting ‘how to’ guides unless requested as I believe there are many of these available which are probably better than mine would be.

So, if you have any ideas on subjects to write about or projects to try out, please share them

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