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I have a dreadful confession to make…

Aside from the usual blog neglect, obviously.

Deep breath… Steven and I have just had a few days away in Derbyshire and, not only did I forget to take Travel Zingy, I didn’t take a single photograph… *waits for horrified screams and accusations*

Now, there are several perfectly good reasons for this but still I’m quite shocked at myself.

We had a mostly lovely time, apart from the fact that I’ve been poorly. Not quite so poorly that we had to cancel but poorly enough that we struggled to do much during the day and I even spent a day by myself at the hotel while Steven was at a work thing.

The plus side to that? I did manage to get lots of knitting done. Unfortunately, it’s a gift and I’m not sure if the recipient reads the blog and, although they requested said gift, I’m hoping they’ve forgotten all about it. So no detailed updates on that for a while.

It has also been pointed out to me that if I share the major wedding crochet project, it might give too much away (for some reason, I’ve decided to keep a lot of details a secret from those attending) Although, having said that, the main project is more for the handfasting ceremony we’ll be holding prior to the wedding itself so maybe I can get away with it – for more details on that, keep an eye out on MM.

So, what does that leave? Well, all the catching up I keep promising to get done and forgetting or running out of time for. I’m hoping to spend a day lining up some scheduled posts to get caught up and then hopefully I can get back into the habit of posting regularly.

The biggest task ahead is trying to remember what I’ve told you and what I’ve promised to tell and what I’ve completely forgotten.

Unfortunately, I have an unfinished assignment looking at me atm (and I may or may not still be tucked up in bed drinking coffee)

Okay, okay, I’m getting up now!


Project updates

Steven and I are off on holiday tomorrow, just a few days in Bath but I’m so excited!

Before we go, I thought I’d post a quick progress update.

Blocking my shawl seems to be going well. I keep forgetting to take pictures though so I’ll post more info on that later.

My Cricket Jumper is growing a little quicker than normal. I’ve finally finished the armhole shaping on the back (it was not fun) but still have a way to go yet.

I’ve also started work on a lovely crochet blanket for Steven and I (I think I mentioned it before…?)

It will involve a lot of repetition and weaving in of ends but each motif only takes about an hour so it should work up pretty quickly
















The pattern is the African Flower Blanket from the July/August 2012 issue of Crochet Today magazine and I’m using up some leftover yarn but had to buy a couple of balls as well.

I was a bit worried that the brown was too dark but I think the cream evens it out and the overall border will also help to lighten it up.

I’m hoping to get quite a few motifs done while we’re away. So far, I’ve completed three (barring the ends) and done two more middles (just the yellow)

I might need a ‘travel project’ though because of all the colour changes involved so I’m also taking my leftover shawl yarn to try and make some gloves/mittens to go with it (either more Misty Morning Mitts or my own design to match the shawl motif)

Oh, and I finished another lacy collar!

This one was knitted on 4mm needles instead of the recommended 3.75 (I think) but I still had to add another scallop



























I’m really chuffed with this one too! It didn’t block quite as flat as the first one but I quite like the slight ruffle on the edge









I joined the extra scallop in a different way than the first one – instead of knitting it all and sewing it on, I knitted the two together by picking up a loop on the edge of the original collar and knitting it with the first/last stitch of the extra scallop









I think it’s worked well but, to be honest, sewing it on afterwards is probably easier










I’ve also bought the yarn to make my friend Clare a baby blanket and found the perfect pattern for a hat and cardi for her daughter who is currently 18months (it’s the same friend and daughter that I knitted the Bridesmaid’s Boleros for)

So the project list isn’t diminishing even though I’m making good progress

As well as all this, it’s my birthday next week and I’ve asked for lots of crafty goodies so I’m going to be a very busy, very happy girl!

Lastly, apologies for the lack of Travel Zingy updates, we’re all very tired but he comes everywhere with me and I expect lots of pictures to be taken this week so I might need to have a full week dedicated to ‘The Adventures of Travel Zingy’


Everyone loves Zingy!

What’s that snaking through my door?











It’s my army of Zingys! Lead by Travel Zingy, of course

Travel Zingy loves adventure and he always likes to lead the others. Next comes Big Zingy, he’ll protect them from any danger. Just Plain Zingy comes next, followed by Bookworm Zingy, the office crew and Baby Zingy bringing up the rear

Upstairs, downstairs











The Zingys love to get together. Some of the group love to sunbathe














Sometimes Dharma Zingy comes over to join the fun

But he enjoys his job so he’s often found out in his van

Baby Zingy is often left out of the fun but when he grows up, he wants to be a big strong flame, just like the others

Just Plain Zingy loves to show off

He always likes to be in the spotlight

But since he helps to provide the energy, I guess that’s ok

















Travel Zingy, what are you doing up there?

Oh dear, both of you, get down from there!

Now, like any Englishman, Just Plain Zingy loves a nice cup of tea











And like any Frenchman, he also loves a nice glass of wine (shame it’s not red though, huh Zingy?)

So, this Zingy is my very own pattern and I plan to post it as soon as I remember where I’ve written it down

Also, look out for ‘The Adventures of Travel Zingy’, we’ve been out and about on the tandem this week!