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Sock obsession – October

Woohoo! I’m back on track

This was another commercial pattern that I had to fight my way through but I have learnt a couple of things.

The sole is worked in linked double/treble crochet which creates a sturdier fabric than traditional double/treble.

And this pattern uses an afterthought heel which was fun.

I’m not convinced I’ll make this particular pattern again but it has given me an idea for next month (possibly)

And crochet socks are certainly easier to make with a tiny person around.

I love the yarn and I’ve got some left so I might even look into making Little Miss a matching pair.

More details later, I need to take advantage of an unexpected nap!

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Perhaps time for a separate hand-knit laundry basket

Remember my April sock obsession socks?

These, lovely lacy yak-blend beauties?

Well now they look like this

I forgot they were in the basket and we only wash on 40°

I’m really upset but vaguely amused at the same time – it’s a bizarre feeling

Still, some of the family have tiny feet, I wonder if they’d like some nice felted socks…


And in other news…


This is the Layla dress by Verity Castledine made in some lovely hand dyed DK yarn (I think it’s called Midnight Kissing but I can’t remember who it’s by)

To be honest, I love making for Little Miss but this was not fun.

The pattern doesn’t have any stitch counts and my rows never seemed to work quite as they should.

I managed to fudge it though and I think the end result is lovely.

The dress is intended for Halloween so I hope it fits nicely

We’ve even got a Halloween photo shoot booked so it will then be paired with a net petticoat and (hopefully) a crochet witches hat

I better make a start I guess

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Sock obsession – September

Another fail this month but I haven’t been idle.

I’m still plodding along with my secret sockies but they might have to be a gift for next year because I’m still working on the first one. All the difficult bits are done though so you never know!

I’ve also made another pair of Super Gigantic Cluster F**ks with the purple and green left over from my mitred square socks .

I actually started these months ago in preparation for our hospital stay but decided to knit while there instead so it’s nice to finally finish them.

Unfortunately, they don’t count towards my sock challenge because I’ve already made a pair.

I’m definitely finding it easier to crochet than knit, which is a shame really since I have so many knitting projects planned.

So, hopefully next month I can find another yummy crochet pattern (I believe Magpie and Goblin have another pattern coming out soon!)

In the meantime, I have been crocheting other things…

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Sock obsession – August

My first fail but for the best of reasons.

All things considered, I have made fair progress on these secret sockies.

There is some stranded colour work after the cuff ribbing and I’ve not done much before (all previous attempts have been a bit iffy!) so it was slow going for a while, all the more so because I have a new tiny person to look after and require extra food and naps myself.

I’m now onto the ‘textured’ leg but I’m not loving it yet.

I did think about casting on the second sock to get all the colour work out of the way but it’s not as easy with knitted socks as it is with crochet socks so perhaps not.

And, on that note, I’ll get back to it since Little Miss is sleeping

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Beat the Bump – hospital edition

Wow, I’ve barely touched any yarn since Baby arrived! Hardly surprising I suppose and I find that I don’t care much (although the urge to knit socks is getting pretty bad)

Anyway, we were admitted to hospital for induction on Wednesday morning. On the way, I cast on a simple garter stitch shawl using the yarn I bought in Iceland.

Upon arrival, we were told that the wards were busy and they needed us to wait.

And wait we did… for eleven hours!

Needless to say I got a fair bit done

It was quite funny at times because the staff kept getting distracted by it and asking me questions.

And the reaction when people saw the changing bag and shawl that my mum made us was incredible!

I don’t expect to get much done in the next little while but I’ll try to update as and when.

For now though, I’m just enjoying cuddles with my beautiful daughter *massive contented sigh*

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Beat the Bump – dodecahedron

I came across this when I was browsing Pinterest the other day and had to make one immediately!

Celestine Crochet by Berroco in Stylecraft Special DK

It’s such fun to make and I think it’ll make a rather fun toy for Baby so a win-win all round.

I can picture loads in different colours and sizes (I just need some more stuffing, they’re quite big in DK!)

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Breaking news!

Another WIP finished – Baby has finally arrived, a little girl born yesterday at 8:59am, weighing 7lb15.

We’re all doing well and Baby is perfect.

There will be a couple more Beat the Bump posts to catch us up and then I shall make some pretty dresses!

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Beat the Bump – baby cardigans

Oh dear, I was convinced I’d already posted about my love of this pattern but I can’t find it so it’s possible I imagined it… or probably wrote it out but didn’t post it…

Anyway, a while back I fell in love with a cute little knitted baby cardi pattern. Free, top down, seamless – three of my favourite things.

I made two in 4ply cotton, followed by another for my brother and sister-in-law (I can’t find the pictures!)

However, with a July baby, I figured we wouldn’t need much newborn knitwear and then I found some hand-dyed rainbow DK cotton yarn in my stash…

Do you see where I’m going?

I finished knitting the yellow one ages ago but was resisting sewing the buttons on.

The red one, however, I started and finished after my due date. Including buttons and washing (while I re-washed my split back tank top)

I still love them but I think I need a new pattern, five of the same thing might be my limit!

The pattern is Linnie by Justyna Lorkowska and I used Stylecraft Cotton Classique for the main parts.

Hopefully soon we’ll have Baby here so I can make something gender specific!!

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Beat the Bump – wrap shrug

Ok, this one is cheating slightly but I wanted to get it done before Baby so I’m counting it.

Again, I’m not completely happy with it but I think it’s just the nature of the top so there’s not a lot I can do about it.

And, of course, almost as soon as I finished it, the temperature went up (and up and up!) so I haven’t had a chance to wear it.

It was quite fun to make, despite the massively long rows and is definitely an unusual piece.

The pattern is Pink Wrapover Top by Hannah Cross and I used Stylecraft Special in Silver (bought for another, frogged disaster project)



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