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Countdown to Xmas

on December 3, 2016

The festive season this year feels so much bigger – more exciting, more magical (more expensive!)

But last year was pretty magical too because we already knew we were pregnant so we had this amazing secret between just the two of us.

If you remember, last year I decided to make a stocking a day for ‘advent’ but didn’t get around to the finishing off.

Well, this year I did and just in time for December 1st (I finished it that day but it still counts)

Ta-da! You can’t actually see the whole thing here because it’s so long

The original plan was to hang rows of them in a frame and make them random but I couldn’t get a nice frame and hubby said he thought a string was better anyway.

The main issue with this is the colours – there are too many places where there are two together but it’s done and it will last for years.

I bought the felt numbers for Hobbycraft but the number 1 is actually missing! It will be easy enough to make one when I can get to my felt stash but it’s low priority at the moment

The stockings are just a nice size for a choccy or two but in later years, when Little Miss is older, it will contain other things!

Right now I’m working on some amigurumi toys, oh and I finished a jumper but I haven’t photographed it yet.

But yesterday was jab day so we’re in our pyjamas for a cuddly day (right now we’re watching the xmas sewing bee from a few years ago!)


2 responses to “Countdown to Xmas

  1. sewchet says:

    Well done on finally finishing it – it looks great and will be well used over the years, I’m sure.

  2. Very cute 🙂 I’m also (theoretically) making an advent calender, I just may have gotten a little side-tracked….

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