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Sock obsession – November

on November 30, 2016

Yay, another month, another pair of socks!!

Festive sockies! (Please excuse the pic, we’re squeezing this post in before heading out for ceramic painting)

I’m extra proud of these because I pretty much made them up as I went along.

Obviously I had some prior knowledge of heels and toes but I have tweaked them to make these truly my creation.

The yarn was from a festive box last year that I didn’t get around to making. There was a knitting pattern included but, with Little Miss making sock knitting nigh on impossible, I took a chance.

I think the yarn actually works really nicely and I love the contrast heel, toe and cuff.

I went for picot instead of ribbing because I love picot edgings and wanted something a bit different.

I *might* write up the pattern in the new year but for now I’ll just enjoy my elf stripe sockies and ponder making a matching pair for Little Miss because I’ve got loads of yarn left.

Better run, nappies to change etc etc!!


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