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Beat the Bump – split back tank top

on July 26, 2016

This one was an absolute saga and is actually one of the new tops I mentioned last month.

The first attempt went hideously wrong!


Too long, too baggy, massive armholes – I was not happy.

The pattern tells you to machine wash and dry the top to shrink it but, because I used a different yarn, it made zero difference.

Everyone reckoned it was fine but I hated it, particularly when paired with my ever decreasing wardrobe (it might have worked with jeans but I grew out of those)

There was only one thing for it – frog it and reknit!

I love the pattern and I love the yarn but I was never going to wear it in it’s original incarnation so it had to go.

Instead of fighting with a new tension swatch, I carefully measured the top and did some silly maths to work out which size I needed to make so it would fit nicely and then worked fewer rows to shorten it.

Unfortunately, bump is now truly massive so the top looks a bit snug and short.

And the tension looks majorly squiffy (I think because the yarn hadn’t been relaxed) so it will definitely benefit from another wash.

When I was looking for advice on the original, someone suggested wearing it with the split at the front


It will certainly make feeding easy and I have seen some tops like this so definitely a possibility.

Obviously, one for layering either way.

I love the style so I might be convinced to make another one, particularly if I need some mindless knitting after Baby comes.

The pattern is Split Back Tank by Allison Griffith and I used Bergere de France Coton Fifty (and much less than the pattern called for)



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