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Beat the Bump – nursing jewellery

on July 25, 2016

Nursing jewellery seems to be a contentious issue, particularly the chunky necklaces that are said to keep baby amused while feeding.

But, they seemed like a fun super speedy make and being a crafter meant I could personalise them (there were a lot of comments online about ‘hideous plastic beads’)

Nothing too strenuous or spectacular but they’re pretty and will, hopefully, be useful.

The original plan for the necklace was to have a large bead in the centre with smaller and smaller ones either side but the range of beads available wasn’t quite what I’d hoped so I decided to just use one size.

Then, I found some amazing ideas on Pinterest and further tweaked my original plan to include different designs and some plain beads.

Apparently this type of nursing necklace is also good for teething tots but we’ll see about that one.

The bracelet (designed to help keep track of which side baby needs to feed on) is a super simple i-cord.

I was going to elasticate it so I could just slip it off and on but it works quite nicely just sewn up.

Being cotton, it might not last long and, let’s face it, there is every possibility that I’ll forget to swap it.

I found another idea on Pinterest for a funky clip that you pop on your bra so I might investigate that further too.

Thinking about it, I’ve got another necklace that might make a nice nursing accessory but I haven’t got a picture (most of my jewellery has been packed away to make room for baby things). It was my own design though and I was rather chuffed with the result.


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