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Beat the Bump – Forest Flowers shawl

on July 20, 2016

So, the first item I wanted to finish before Baby arrived was a lovely lacy shawl kit that I bought at Ickworth Wool Fair from Watercolours and Lace.

The yarn is a lovely baby alpaca called Grey Skies, though it’s definitely more of a blue-grey, so I think I’ll need to make a grey shawl next…

Forest Flowers by Julie Harris at Watercolours and Lace

To be honest, I’m not overly happy with the pictures or the layout but I think it shows off the lovely lace patterns.

I loved every second of the pattern until I got towards the end. I decided that I preferred a more rounded edge so completed one less repeat than the pattern called for.

Then the edging tripped me up a couple of times and I had to frog back a couple of very lacy rows.

However, I posted on the Watercolours and Lace FB page and was immediately given some help and guidance to get me through.

But by that time, it was becoming clear that I didn’t have enough yarn left for either of my preferred cast off methods.

I ended up just using a basic crochet cast off but got to the end and realised I’d gone backwards so my yarn was at one end but I’d finished up at the other (there was no way I was redoing it so I improvised).

Then it got rained on while it was blocking on the line so the edging is far from perfect.

But I still think it’s lovely, the pattern is gorgeous and the baby alpaca yarn is an absolute dream!


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