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Sock obsession – June (part 2)

on June 13, 2016


11am – swatching and sizing (with Jurassic Park)
11:30 – relearning the Turkish cast-on
12:10 – toe done, time for a cuppa
12:55 – 15 rows done and you can see the full cycle of colours
1:35 – continuing the foot (with The Lost World)
1:45 – okay, I spent ten minutes eating biscuits!
3:15 – foot done and on to the gusset
3:35 – continuing the gusset (with Jurassic Park 3)
4:05 – gusset done, time for my favourite part!
4:25 – super speedy heel turn and I’m on to the leg
4:45 – time to get hubby up
7:10 – fed, tidied and hubby waved off
continuing the leg (with Jurassic World)
8pm – progress is rather slower this evening, I blame the chocolate orange!
8:20 – time for the rib, I think
9:05 – the cast off is too tight but I’ve not got the energy to fix it tonight
9:10 – casting on the second sock (with A Lonely Place to Die)
9:50 – toe done, time for more snacks
10:45 – ten rows done, bedtime!


10:55am – continuing second sock foot (with Pirates of the Caribbean 1)
11:50 – 20 rows done, time for a cuppa
12:30 – another 15 rows and it’s lunchtime
1pm – must resist the biscuits
1:20 – foot done, on to the gusset (after some biscuits)
1:35 – too many biscuits, a wee and a film change later…
2:25 – gusset done, heel turn time!
2:40 – heel done! Time for a cuppa and the leg
4pm – continuing the leg (with Pirates of the Caribbean 3)
4:15 – on to the rib
4:40 – ribbing done, just need to figure out the cast off. Anyway, time to wake hubby
5:10 – quick play with casting off
5:30 – yarn over cast off looks okay (it’s frilly!) but it loosens the rib too much. I’ve undone the first sock to try again
6pm – tried a k2tog cast off and it’s much better so I’ll taking out the other

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how to knit a pair of socks in a weekend!

There are some bits that I’m not quite happy with. The cast off, for a start, was a nightmare. I had to un-cast-off both socks and rejoin my yarn (neither fun nor helpful). I’m not sure if it’s the rejoining or just the nature of the yarn but the cuffs don’t match and I worked really hard to cast on at the same point in the colour change so the socks would match.

I also managed to twist my second cast on, I admit I wasn’t watching the tutorial at the time but I’m still not sure how it happened… oh, I hope it doesn’t unravel!
The top one has the boo-boo but I don’t think it’s too noticeable…

So, today I’m back onto knitting my non-maternity top (and doing the chores that I didn’t do on Friday – yes, I put my knitting first!)

Oh, the pattern is Sport Weight Toe-Up Socks With Gusset Heel by Wendy Johnson and the yarn is West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply in Goldfinch (I love their yarns!)


2 responses to “Sock obsession – June (part 2)

  1. xyoopx says:

    Such beautiful socks! I always knit mine ankle down, it is cool to see how the toe up sock is done. 🙂

  2. sewchet says:

    Great way to document your progress and how you fit all that knitting in to one weekend. I’ve never tried toe-up socks because I like the Kitchener stitch way of closing the toes. I still can’t really see that the cuffs are mis-matched – they look great to me:)

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