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Sock obsession – June (part 1)

on June 10, 2016

Ok, so I haven’t actually started June’s socks yet but I have both an excuse and a plan.
Bump is massively expanding so I’ve been racing to make some tops that will see me through the next five weeks and beyond, rather than buying a load of maternity wear (this theory also applies to the two new dresses I bought myself last week).
More on those later, two are done and another very nearly.
So here’s the plan: step one – spend today frantically knitting my top while catching up on some chores; step two – hide the top at bedtime regardless of it’s status; step three – spend the whole weekend knitting socks (hence catching up on chores and hiding the top).
Sounds simple enough but so far this morning I’ve managed to get dressed and eat breakfast so not much progress.
Better get my butt in gear and do something useful! Oh look a cup of tea…


3 responses to “Sock obsession – June (part 1)

  1. sewchet says:

    Knitting socks sounds far more likely than my nesting instinct was. With a couple of weeks to go I just HAD to tile the kitchen….so I did!

    • Vix says:

      I’m managing to curb my nesting instinct at the moment, mainly because of all the work going on in and around the house but I do have bursts of cleaning and tidying!

  2. […] This one was an absolute saga and is actually one of the new tops I mentioned last month. […]

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