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Sock obsession – May

on June 1, 2016

I was supposed to be crocheting socks last month to make travelling a bit easier but the opportunity to test knit came up and I was powerless to resist.

Here they are:

This Way Please socks by Rebecca Milton, available on Ravelry.

I actually found these a bit of a trial, the lace pattern is easy to work but not so easy to memorise so they were only suitable for watching repeats of my favourite shows/films.

Having said that, towards the end of the second sock, I got into the rhythm a bit more so I managed to finish them up quickly.

The only major issue I had was with the sizing so I had to tweak the toe to make them fit nicely and not mess up the pattern.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend these for beginnners but if you’ve got a bit of sock know-how and fancy some easy lacework, these are a very good bet.

Oh, the yarn is West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply in Blue Raspberry, yummy colours and nice to work with though I did find it a bit inconsistent and rough. I’ve got plenty more of this in my stash though so expect to see some more soon.

This month, I think I’ll be working on those pesky mitred square monsters and a straightforward knit pair with self striping yarn (to satisfy my need to finish things).


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