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The sock obsession develops

on April 27, 2016

I’ve told you about my sock obsession, right?

Well, I’ve decided to develop said obsession by making a pair a month (preferably using a different pattern for each).

Whether I’ll last beyond July is another matter…

Anyway, it all began with a pattern test for these knitted lovelies

img_20160124_202717104.jpgMoss Check Socks by Claire at Yarntastic, available on Ravelry

These were a lot of fun to make and will definitely go on my ‘to make again’ list.

February saw some crochet lovelies, the yarn and pattern for which came in a Halloween yarn box.

img_20160221_181816505.jpgSuper Gigantic Cluster F*ck Socks by Sarra at Magpie and Goblin, also available on Ravelry

I had a little problem with the fit due to my massive size 8s but posted on a crochet FB page and Sarra herself told me how to fix it!

It also turned out that I’d been doing my clusters wrong almost from the start but, since I was working them two at a time, we’re calling it a design feature.

Again,another one on the ‘to make again’ list.

Last month I moved away from indie patterns and yarn and knitted up some lace lovelies from Drops using… um… some green from my stash…

wp-1461087101412.jpgSea Steps socks by Drops, available for free!

I’m particularly fond of these and I think the solid yarn works really well with the lace pattern.

I’m really behind this month thanks to a fight with a non-sock crochet pattern.

But I have swatched and cast on this yummy purple yak blend


To hopefully make these Regia goodies

wp-1461087084114.jpgRegia R0114 socks with lace edging

The pattern is a little complicated in how it’s written but I think I’ve got enough sock know-how to figure it out (or fudge it, whichever).

Next month, I’m thinking another crochet pattern. Mum and I have got a few days in London and I think crochet will travel better. I just need to choose a pattern…

Also on the list:
– aran cables
– a better fitting pair of Rye (also aran)
– xmas socks
-gifty socks
– baby socks

And of course, the ongoing mitred square socks (also know as ‘what was I thinking and when will it end!?’

That should keep me going for a while.

And on that note, it’s definitely time for a cuppa and some knitting!


2 responses to “The sock obsession develops

  1. sewchet says:

    I absolutely adore the fit and feel of hand knitted socks, but always put my toe through the end within a week which is SO disappointing. You might have size eights, but I have enormously elongated big toes and they ruin every pair of socks I own:( I love the variety you’ve created, but my faces are the green ones:)

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