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Stash busting!

on February 15, 2016

I’m feeling a little cash strapped lately. Xmas wasn’t too bad on my finances but our recent jaunt to Iceland wiped out some spare cash and with a baby on the way I’m trying to be frugal.

So, in the spirit of frugality (is that a word? It’s been a long day!) I’m working through my stash.

I’m normally very good and buy yarn for specific projects but I can’t resist a bargain so I’ve got a few bags of yarn waiting for the ‘perfect project’

First up – ten balls of Luisa Harding Fleuris in a lovely chocolate brown. I had intended to make a cocoon shrug but it’s taking some experimentation because the balls are actually a lot smaller than they look!

Next – two skeins of Rowan Alpaca Colour in my favourite mustard yellow. To be honest I’m not at all sure what to do with this but I can’t resist a nice yellow. Any ideas are appreciated.

Then – several skeins of Cascade Pima Cotton in a beautiful turquoise-y teal. I think this will become a lovely crochet cardi but it needs to be caked before I can swatch (also, the pattern I’ve got in mind was a pig last time).

Also – a selection of lovely DK which I was accumulating with the view to designing a knitted chevron cardi/shrug. My passion of designing waned however so it sits in a box…

Finally (maybe) – a skein of green sock yarn.I bought this before my passion for socks started but, again, it needs caking before I can use it so is currently sitting.

I’m even using up some of my acrylic stash on an intarsia blanket for baby. More on that soon.


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