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Travel Zingy goes to Iceland

on February 9, 2016

I’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights but a trip for my birthday didn’t pan out (mostly because you can’t see the Lights in the summer) so we decided to have a little weekend away in January.

Travel Zingy came too, of course.


Here he is, showing off the view from our room on the day we arrived. Check out that snow!


And here he is perched on the Viking sculpture at the waterfront


Unfortunately, little flames don’t much like the snow so he stayed tucked up for the rest of the trip.

And we didn’t take many pics after our first day, we were too busy enjoying the beautiful scenery and trying not to freeze out fingers off!


This is the view over Reykjavik from the top of the Pearl. On the left, you can see the Cathedral which was out next stop


One of my pics from the Cathedral tower. We actually walked through the park on our way to the Pearl. There was so much virgin snow, it took a lot of self control not to run around in it!


Isn’t it lovely covered in snow like that? It’s not a scene we often see in my part of the world and I love it!

We went on a boat trip and we did see the lights but neither one of us felt inclined to even try and take a picture, just seeing it together and snuggling up together on the boat was magical enough.

Oh and I bought yarn! But with a baby on the way, it might sit in the stash for a while!


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