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Secret keeping…

on January 25, 2016

…is hard!

I promise I’ve been busy crafting but I’ve also been avoiding situations where I might let slip.


I’m pregnant!

We’ve known since November but we only started telling people after the 12-week scan so the news is still… well, new.

We won’t be finding out the sex so everything is gender neutral at the moment – Mum is knitting a lemon yellow shawl and I’ve made a tiny beige cardigan, soon to be followed by another. Oh, and the ‘hope blanket’ I crocheted when we were trying.

The downside is that baby is due in July so need for newborn knitwear is low. But I figure I’ll just make stuff for 3-9 months so plenty of fun to be had.

We’ve also bought a lovely second hand crib that needs to be re-painted and of course there’s the nursery to think about (not to mention the rest of the house!)

I’ll be back soon with some catch-up posts and hopefully some pics (if I can find my camera…)


3 responses to “Secret keeping…

  1. dottyrobins says:

    Congratulations…. that is solo exciting xx

  2. dottyrobins says:

    Or even so exciting!!!

  3. sewchet says:

    Wahay – huge congratulations!! We’ve got six, but I still remember the novelty of the first – enjoy every moment as it passes too quickly and, before you know it, you’re a grandparent! (Which is exciting, too).

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