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Apples galore!

on September 2, 2015

These pics are from last year when we were trying to identify our lovely apple trees



At the time, we had three trees of varying sizes.
The harvest last year was, frankly, pitiful. I think I ate a couple and made one apple cake, the wasps had most of the rest and we lost a lot to disease.
Earlier this year we removed the largest tree (which was both in the way and poorly) and the smallest (which was also oddly located)
These are pics from this year


And this is just the first harvest!
I’ve made two batches of jam, three loads of apple sauce and three trays of muffins plus eaten a few and got some left.
We’ve still lost a load and the tree is helpfully tucked in a corner so I can’t reach all of them but I’m very pleased.
The jam has definitely been a lesson and the muffins are disappointing but it’s so nice to grow our own and I love apples!
I’ll write up and post pics about the jam another time
Anyone else growing goodies this year?


5 responses to “Apples galore!

  1. sewchet says:

    We grow thornless blackberries and I have just made the first batch of jam. Our apple tree has been moved twice due to building work and this is the best crop we’ve had to date. I agree, there’s something special about picking apples off your own tree:)

  2. Ohhh, jealous. We have a great garden (particularly loving the raspberries right now), but no fruit trees. What kind of apples are they?

    • Vix says:

      We’re still not entirely sure but they taste great. I’d like to get some raspberries for next year but space is limited and husband’s not keen so maybe blueberries or something šŸ™‚

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