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FO: Seafoam scarf

on August 19, 2015

I’ve obviously got a bit of a thing about neckwear at the moment, I’m obsessed with scarves and shawls.

I have many people to thank for this one:

I absolutely love it!! (it’s even the background pic on my phone right now)

wpid-img_20150806_172937759.jpg wpid-img_20150806_173212141.jpg wpid-img_20150806_172741262.jpg wpid-img_20150806_172843095.jpg wpid-img_20150806_172838458.jpg

The pattern is brilliantly written and fantastically simple.

I decided to add a ribbed loop on the end for fastening and had great fun knitting from both ends of the yarn and then figuring out how to join them!

Basically, I needed to knit the loop before I finished the pattern section so I knew I had enough yarn.

All fine, I finished the rib, knitted it to the end, finished the pattern section and knitted them together.

Then I realised that I needed to cast off but I didn’t have any yarn left!

Back to Pinterest for a new technique – casting off with a crochet hook. Beautifully simple when you get your head around it.

The yarn is lovely and just went on and on so the scarf is crazy long but I figure that just makes it more versatile.

I’m seriously thinking about casting on another one of these for some simple knitting while I’m at FolkEast this weekend.


2 responses to “FO: Seafoam scarf

  1. sewchet says:

    I like the way you have created a loop to tuck the scarf into. I can see this would be a useful feature to add to some of the scarves I am making for presents. The red and green are very Christmassy and what an eye-catching stitch pattern!

    • Vix says:

      Hmm, it does look red doesn’t it? It’s actually orange so I’m thinking of it as my Halloween scarf though the colourway is Little Mermaid.
      I love the loop idea for so many reasons – the origin was actually a lace scarf with a ribbed loop and the patterns worked surprisingly well together

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