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Fibre-East 2015!

on July 27, 2015

Did I mention we were planning a trip to Fibre-East this year? One of our LYS was running a bus trip so we signed up as soon as we could.

As well as some general supply and idea shopping (does anyone else do that?), we had a special purchase in mind…

So, here is my haul!


Yes, I am now the proud owner of a Doodlestop! I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while, particularly since my lust for hand-dyed is growing and Mummy decided it was the perfect gift for my big birthday this year.

Ordering online proved difficult (not because of the website but because Mummy was unsure what a Doodlestop was and didn’t want to get it wrong!) so discovering there would be a stall at Fibre-East was a bonus.

And, yes, I’ve already used it to cake some of the yarn I purchased.


First up was some scrummy Bambino by Devon Sun Yarns which I purchased with the Shawl Project book and is destined to become one of the yummy shawls (though I’m reconsidering which one to make!)


Next for a turn on the swift, these two beauties from Unbelieva-wool


I call them my Disney yarns – both sock yarns, the yellow is a merino/nylon/sparkle called ‘Belle’ and the green/orange is a merino/nylon called ‘Little Mermaid’

I have ideas in mind for these two but the best part was the price! They caught my eye from the discount bucket and I was torn between the two until a very nice lady (who I assume was the owner) offered me a further discount so I got both skeins for £15!

Two skeins remain un-caked because I’m a little scared of them.


I was feeling brave when I bought them but I think they’ll sit in my stash until I’ve cleared some other projects – a yarn like that deserves full attention!

The yarn and pattern came from the Yarn Garden and the lady on the stall was really lovely. As well as helping us select yarns and patterns, I helped her with a planned design and she loved my idea to make the shawl two tone.

I also bought some new KnitPro goodies – some new crochet hooks (double ended!) and a case for my interchangeable needles.

While I was deciding which case to buy, Mum and I were talking about my set of interchangeables (one of the cables broke and we were advised to contact the seller who would probably send a replacement and be reimbursed by KnitPro)

The man overheard and offered me a free replacement cable even though the original didn’t come from him!

Such good customer service. So, for all your KnitPro needs, head over to

I also bought a notions case with some lovely bits and bobs in and some fabric.

Oh, and a couple of very unusual but brilliant items… which I forgot to photograph because they were safely stowed in my handbag…

Right, time for some catching up so I can start something new. But which one first?


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