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Finally FO: Nanny’s Cabled Cardi

on March 12, 2015

Also known as The Cardigan of Doom!

I’m so glad it’s finished, not least of all because it means I can cast on something else (I’ve been dreadfully good and monogamous)

Here it is




There isn’t much I actually like about it but Nanny liked the pattern so I hope she’ll like it

Did I ever tell you the story of this particular thorn in my side?

I actually made one for my Nanny a couple of years ago, as a Christmas gift.

However, after several months of never seeing her wear it, I asked her if it was ok and she admitted that the fit wasn’t great

Turns out I’d knitted it in chunky instead of aran (tension swatch anyone?!)

So, I bought more yarn to knit another (my trusty craft notebook informs me that this was in July… 2013)

I intended it as another Christmas gift but was busy working on other things, then planning a wedding and a house move and other fun things.

However, it is now finally finished, just in time for her birthday next month.

It’s been a real trial. As well as dealing with a cable pattern that I don’t much enjoy, there were issues with the instructions so I ended up with a sleeve that was too long even for me.

But I persevered and I’m so excited to finish it that I’m not sure I can wait to give it to her.

Next I will be knitting myself some socks and preparing for this year’s FolkEast festival!


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