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Trying new things

on January 27, 2015

I don’t know about the rest of you but I think it’s pretty safe to say that, as crafters, we love to try new things.

Whether it’s a different way of working our favourite craft, a new tool or accessory or a whole new craft, there is something really satisfying about mastering a new skill.

This week, I’ve been doing loads of experimenting!

On Saturday, I went to a Tunisian Crochet class so I’ve been practising the skills and stitches learnt there.

Technically, this was two new things because I’ve never tried Tunisian Crochet and I’ve never been to a class like that.

It was a really lovely afternoon. The host yarn shop isn’t one I visit often (due to it being 20-odd miles away) so it was fun to fondle some different yarns and discover some new accessories.

The class itself was brilliant. There were only six of us so it was cosy and the tutor was able to help everyone individually. We all seemed to be at different levels, there was even one lady who had never crocheted before, so it was nice to encourage and help each other.

If you’re in my part of the world, or popping down for a visit, I’d highly recommend a visit to Jenny Wren’s Yarns in Ipswich. Check out their website here.

So, continuing the theme, today I’ve been preserving rosemary!

We’ve got three huge rosemary bushes in the front garden and their days are numbered. But I hate waste so I was determined to try and use at least some of the yumminess.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get into the greenhouse to get the secateurs so I had to use the kitchen scissors and they’re not very handy.

I collected a bag of rosemary sprigs (hardly making a dent in the bush) and am experimenting with three different techniques.

Some have been bagged up and frozen. Some bunches are hanging in Hubby’s ‘ebay room’. And the rest I dried in the oven.

I have to say the last option is my favourite so far, they only take about 90 mins to dry out and once they’re cool you can strip off the leaves so they don’t take up much space.

We’ll have to wait and see how the hanging bunches turn out, they take about two weeks…

Tomorrow, I will put the rosemary to good use by making a salt scrub – more newness!

Finally, I made a bread and butter pudding.

I’m not convinced I like it, hence never having made one, but Hubby asked for it and it’s really the least I can do

But, have you ever asked an older person for a recipe? The ones I found in my cookery books were overly complicated so I thought I’d ask my Nan.

Her response: butter some bread, beat an egg into some milk, layer them and bake

Bake for how long? Until it’s brown

How much of each ingredient? I never found out

So, again, we’ll see how it turns out – think of me in about an hour

What newness have you all been up to?


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