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Finally FO – Giselle Cardi

on September 24, 2014


GiselleCardi (2)

And a couple of close ups

GiselleCardi (3) GiselleCardi (1)

I love it and it’s been really quick to work up.

The actual knitting took just over two weeks but the lace pattern really needed blocking

It took me a week to get around to it… Now that we’re in our house, I haven’t got a handy spare bed to use as my blocking surface so I had to wait until the dining table was clear enough to spread out on

After that, it took another week for the cardi to dry. I suspect I didn’t squeeze quite enough water out before laying it out but the yarn is 43% wool so I was being cautious

During this week, I realised that I hadn’t yet bought any buttons!! Thankfully, Steven had promised me a trip to Hobbycraft (as a bribe, but still many hubby points awarded)

I decided to go for orange to bring out the copper strands in the yarn and I’m really chuffed

I just spent a chilled half hour or so sewing them on and couldn’t wait to share the pics

Unfortunately, I’m struggling to take a nice picture of myself wearing my new pretty so you’ll have to wait. It definitely benefited from the blocking though, it’s a much better length now


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