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Crafty progress – a very good week

on September 14, 2014

Despite being both poorly and busy, I’ve made a lot of crafty progress this week.

I cried off knitting group on Monday night to stay at home with hubby and my cough and sew up my Giselle cardi (I still haven’t gotten around to blocking it though)

On Tuesday night, I went with a friend to a WI talk on silver clay jewellery. It was really fascinating and only slightly ruined by a coughing fit that sent me outside to really let it out without disturbing people.

I’ve finally finished the granny square centres for a friends bag and am making good progress on the second and third rounds

Just in case that’s nonsense – the granny squares are multicoloured and I tend to do one colour (instead of one square) at a time, four centres of one colour followed by four centres of another colour and any second rounds and so on. When they’re all finished, they get a fourth and final round of the main colour before joining, lining and finishing.

I’ve also managed to resist the lure of my Cascade 220 and finally swatch and cast on a cardi for my Nanny. Progress is slow because my cold-fuddled brain can’t deal with the heavy cabling, especially after a busy day.

I’m making some good progress on a secret xmas project or two and today managed to sew some really simple cushion covers for my craft room!

So, watch out for some yummy FO pics, maybe a tutorial on the cushion covers and a couple of sob stories along the way


2 responses to “Crafty progress – a very good week

  1. Wow, that sounds impressively productive on all fronts. *eyes own slow progress with shame*

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