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More craft room crochet – finished!

on September 10, 2014

Now that I’ve got the freedom of a dedicated craft room, I’ve gone a little crazy for making little pretties to jazz it up
Here’s the latest
WallTidy (1)


Please excuse the fairly dodgy looking wall behind – we’re not decorating until we’ve knocked some walls down, put some more walls up and replaced all the windows…

WallTidy (2)


There are supposed to be buttons on the top tabs but I quite like it without and it was far too difficult to decide what kind of buttons to use so mummy and I decided it should just go up as it is. 

The plait for hanging was made in a bit of a rush too but I think if I trim the straggly ends, it will look quite nice

WallTidy (3)


They haven’t photographed very well but I’m pretty chuffed with the colours. I used the recommended yarn – Rico Creative Cotton – but had to choose colours online (always a risk)

I’m not sure how actively useful it will be but I love it

I originally saw the pattern in an issue of Crochet Today (an American magazine, now out of print I believe) but it was recently published in an issue of Homemaker as well (issue 21 off the top of my head… okay I checked)

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the yarn and it comes in an amazing range of colours but I wasn’t overly impressed with how it handled. I found it quite splitty and the stitch definition isn’t as good as some other cottons I’ve used.

However, I would use it again because, lets face it, I’m a bit cotton obsessed

On a completely different note, is anyone watching The Great British Bake Off right now? I feel sick just looking at that Swedish princess cake but I’m suddenly desperate to go and buy eggs!


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