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Simply Recycled Aran Jumper – review

on September 4, 2014

So what did you think of my SRA jumper?
I’m still a little unconvinced but I’ve already worn it loads (the weather here has turned and turned again!)
There are aspects that I absolutely love.
The yarn, as you know, is a favourite of mine. It’s a blend of recycled cotton and acrylic and comes in some lovely colours as well as being produced in both DK and aran (ooo, I wonder if they’ll start making a chunky version…) It can be a bit ‘splitty’ though so it’s sometimes worth rewinding the balls
I think what I love most is the combination of the wavy lace pattern and garter stitch
As with many lace patterns, it looks a lot more complicated than it is and it’s easy to get into the rhythm
However, this is also one of it’s downfalls because the pattern can become repetitive and, sometimes, a little dull
My main problem is my usual one and partly my own fault
I think the jumper is too baggy and the sleeves in particular seem huge!
Because, of course, I’ve done my usual trick of imagining myself as smaller than I am. I looked at the jumper in the picture and thought ‘oh it’s so lovely and so me’ forgetting that I’m a) taller than the average bear and b) not a size 10.
You’d think I’d learn but I don’t think it would cost the designers much to indicate the size of the jumper on the model and perhaps even have a pic or two of a larger size (this is why I love Ravelry)
And, of course, for the jumper to fit my bust, it has to drown me in other areas
Perhaps my next jumper (like my very first) should be fitted…


2 responses to “Simply Recycled Aran Jumper – review

  1. I like it. It looks comfy. 😄

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