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FolkEast 2014

on August 15, 2014

Here in the East, we have a lovely festival called FolkEast.

It brings together some amazing music, food, drink and other yummy things

Perhaps most importantly, the Social Knitworks tent!

Not only will I be attending the FolkEast festival this weekend, I’ll be helping out as part of Social Knitworks and I’m so excited as well as feeling really lucky

The Social Knitworks group has come together from a variety of sources from the local knit and natter to the regional WI, to friends of friends of other members. I believe even Facebook has helped to bring us more members

So, over the last few weeks, along with attending weekly meetings to discuss all the goings on, I’ve been crocheting furiously to prepare

(this is why my jumper isn’t finished, but can you think of a better reason!?)

We’ve been making adorable little mice to decorate the tent and create a bit of a non-competition for the children and these will be sold over the weekend for charity

I’ve also been a pattern tester for one of the other ladies who is making project kits to sell

And, drumroll required perhaps, I’ve been making some goodies of my own to sell in the shop.

I cheated a little in that I had some bits and bobs that I had listed on etsy but didn’t sell.

But I have made a lot as well and it feels so good to have done so much in relatively little time and for something completely different

Best of all though are the people I’ve already met and the others I anticipate meeting at the festival itself.

The ladies at Social Knitworks are amazing, they were so welcoming and kind and I really feel like I’m part of the group and not just a hanger-on

We’ve even talked about meetings after the festival (since many of the ladies are from the local knit and natter) and I’ll hopefully be teaching some of them cable knitting!

I’m feeling a very chuffed Vix at the moment and the fact that the festival falls on my birthday weekend just tops it off really

So, look out for news of the weekend itself and hopefully some pics of the goodies and the ladies and maybe even myself having a whale of a time

Maybe I’ll even see you there


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