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We got married!

on June 15, 2014

And I have a few pictures to share with you all (many thanks to our good friends Mark and Jacqueline for supplying said photographs)

Stevens & Vicky Wedding 002

I’m not sure why I look so confused but it’s a good pic for showing my beautiful dress (made by my beautiful Mummy) and Steven’s matching tie (made by me!)

Stevens & Vicky Wedding 025

One of the centrepieces, for those of you who haven’t realised we had a bicycle thing going on. We also put different versions of Scrabble on the tables because we played it on our first dateStevens & Vicky Wedding 053And we left on a vintage Vista Duo, lovingly restored by my hubby. Oh and you can see my knitted watch and my crochet capelet (both made by myself for the day)

Hope you like them, further details will follow, I just need to collect some more photos

And, of course, there’s the honeymoon to talk about!



8 responses to “We got married!

  1. Congratulations! Look forward to seeing more pix. LOVE your dress! X

  2. *Wisher* says:

    Congratulations.. Love all the handmade items and wishing u a blissful marriage ahead.. 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your marriage, may you be forever happy.

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