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Slipper obsessed – me?!

on Apr 26, 2014

Heck yeah!

Here’s my second pair, with more pattern tweaking and a lovely bow!


I was trying to use up some yummy orange yarn but there wasn’t actually enough, hence the two/three-tone.

The pattern is one I found on Ravelry (pattern page here) but it did require some alterations… mostly down to my big ol’ clown feet I think!

My tension was spot on but by the time I’d finished one slipper it was tiny, it fit my foot and was comfy on the toes but didn’t come up far enough on the heel or the front of my foot so it kept falling off

All I did on the first pair was to add a few extra rows (you can see a quick pic here) but they still didn’t fit hugely well so I added straps to keep them on.

With the second pair, I experimented further and added more rows with further shaping and I think they’re actually better than the first pair

So much so that I’m making more and seriously considering them as xmas gifts.

I think the pattern is translated from Japanese and uses US terms so it takes a while to tune in.

I also found that I had to reverse the shaping to make the second slipper (according to Ravelry, I wasn’t the only one) but the pattern doesn’t mention this.

However, what I love most is how customisable they are. The pattern recommends using DK yarn doubled up which means a whole realm of colour combos or keep it simple with a plain chunky.

And the embellishments! I have such plans for the next pair… watch this space


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