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Moving day madness

on March 26, 2014

Day, who am I kidding? It’s been nearly a fortnight and there are still bits and bobs to be sorted

Did I even mention that Steven and I bought a house?! Or should that be are buying a house…?

Either way, we’re in and cozying down. All the major stuff is done (which room is which, large bits of furniture, clothes mostly sorted and away, deep cleaned from top to bottom) Now we’re just left with the ‘unimportant’ rooms and the little niggly bits that seem to have lost their place (like my favourite candle plate with my favourite scented candle…)

The important things are: 1) we have a suite for the living room so there’s somewhere comfy to ignore all the mess; 2) my new craft room (oh yes!) is almost set up and clutter free; and 3) it’s ours and we love it!

I’m sure I had more to say but the sorting is calling me, hopefully I’ll be back with some craft news soon


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