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Honeymoon on my mind!

on February 13, 2014

Oh my very goodness, somehow, in less than three weeks, I have managed to finish my honeymoon shawl!

I was fairly convinced that this project would be one to keep me occupied for a couple of months while doing other wedding-related things and working and studying and other crafts etc etc…

But the stitch pattern is so easy and works up so quickly that it’s already done

Here it is!

DSCF2986I’m still pondering whether to block it or not but since I’ve still got three months, it’s a decision that can wait

Here’s a close up of the centre

DSCF2988And the edging

DSCF2989And finally, the fascinating garter tab construction

DSCF2993I love it, there are simply no other words

You can find the Ravelry page for the pattern here and my project page links to it.

I’ve used the recommended Cascade 220 in two of the three recommended colours, substituting the yellow for a burnt orange.

I thought about using the yellow but had really set my heart on a nice orange so when I found the yellow was unavailable (possibly discontinued) the decision was easy.

The only problem I had with the pattern was that I have no idea what M1L and M1R mean so I used a simple YO instead and I’m really chuffed with the result.

The pattern is really simply written and pretty cheap as well so perfect for a first shawl or even a beginner knitter.

I definitely indulged on the yarn, it’s not at all what I would normally buy but I was pretty happy that it would fit in with my stance on animal rights (some wool farms, particularly Australian wool farms, do not treat their sheep well so I tend to avoid it in favour of plant fibres)

The price was also a little more than I would normally spend but I decided that, for my honeymoon, it would be a nice treat

And it certainly was that. The yarn is beautifully soft and doesn’t easily split as it twists through your fingers. The colours are very rich and the range available is incredible.

My other indulgence was the needle. As a rule, I don’t get on well with circular needles so I wanted to treat myself to a… ‘posher’ needle in the hopes that the quality would improve the experience. I went for a 100cm, 7mm KnitPro Symfonie

Again, I was not disappointed. The wooden needle is soft, smooth and warm (very important in my chilly seaside flat!), the wire straightens out better than the Pony needles I’m used to, and the transition between needle and wire is nowhere near as difficult as the Ponys

I did skimp a little on the stitch markers. Again, as a rule, I hate stitch markers but I think I was using the wrong kind for this type of project so I invested a couple of quid on some new ones (I couldn’t really justify £5 on stitch markers, nor could I decide which ones I liked best) and they actually worked really well

All in all, a very happy Vix

On the subject of my impending honeymoon, we’re asking for recommendations on sights to see while we’re away.

Wait, did I mention that we’re travelling the US for three weeks?!

We fly into New York and out of San Francisco but so far all our destinations seem to clustered on the coasts so we need some recommendations for the middle bits!

Here’s a list of things that we love: walking; water (sea, river, stream, waterfall, we’re not fussy); movies (I like to visit filming locations and we’d both appreciate an outdoor cinema experience); a bit of adventure; being off the beaten track.

Also, any yarn/craft store recommendations are appreciated since I have an idea to crochet a beautiful blanket while we’re travelling and when we get home and hope to buy some scrummy yarn while we’re away.

Apologies if this post was a bit lengthy, excitement makes me babble!







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