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Shawl supplies

on January 27, 2014

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my new obsession with knitted shawls…

But did I mention my struggle to buy supplies? We went to London last weekend and I failed to even find the circular needle required for my chosen pattern. The shop that I knew sold the required yarn (I’m actually using the recommended yarn in two of three recommended colours!) was too out of the way to get to with our limited time and the department stores we went to (Liberty and John Lewis) only seemed to stock Rowan.

So I ordered the yarn over dinner (it may have been an alcohol-fuelled impulse purchase) and hunted for a snazzy needle and stitch markers.

Since it’s a project for honeymoon, I want it to be special so I ordered my first ever KnitPro Symfonie needle and managed to get some yummy stitch markers from the same company with free postage!

Everything turned up last week



Even looking at the pictures gives me a little thrill

I’ve just finished winding the first colour into a ball (by hand – is there anything more beautiful? Or exhausting?)

So, the question now becomes, do I start to knit or wind the others?


One response to “Shawl supplies

  1. maeussle says:

    Great supplies! Love the stitch markers 🙂 I tend to start knitting and winding the yarn into a ball as needed…I do it by hand, too, and it always takes forever!

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