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Pom-poms everywhere!

on Dec 24, 2013

I’m sure many of you will have watched Kirstie Allsopp’s xmas offering last week and I know at least some of you have succumbed to the pom-pom already (naming no names of course Lucie and Claire)

Well, I wasn’t far behind!

I’ve often looked at the Pony pom-pom makers but decided they were unnecessary (cardboard is just as easy and cheaper of course) besides which, I don’t often make pom-poms

Well, my assistant manager told me he didn’t want beer for xmas but he would like a knitted bobble hat.

Well you can’t make a bobble hat without a pom-pom or two (or three) so, of course, I had to buy the Clover pom-pom maker as demonstrated by Kirstie Allsopp

Not as easy as it sounds since the Hobbycraft in Milton Keynes (where we were visiting friends) had sold out within a day but were expecting a delivery later that day

We popped back in the next morning before heading home but the delivery hadn’t been

Thankfully, a nice lady there remembered me and let me have one that had been put aside for a no-show customer! (I do feel bad for said customer but they held it for several days)

And so…

My first bobble hat!

DSCF2926 DSCF2927


It had to have three bobbles because they’re quite small but I like it and the recipient was really happy too. He particularly liked the moss stitch and that was the bit I was worried about


Modelled by my Steven

It was super quick to knit up and, thanks to my Clover pom-pom maker, the pom-poms were a pleasure and not a chore

Wish I’d thought to use them instead of ribbon on my xmas gifts…

Still, plenty of birthday gifts planned

4 responses to “Pom-poms everywhere!

  1. Me?! Anyone would think I’d instigated a pom-pom making session at a family get together today… 😉 The hat is fab. Nice colour wool too. Wishing you a happy Christmas x

    • Vix says:

      Haha, brilliant! I’m trying to figure out what else to use them for 🙂 The yarn was actually in my stash but perfect for the purpose. Have a great festive season x

  2. I would say that you were very lucky to get that pom pom maker at all. The hat looks amazing.

  3. luckypebble says:

    You have made a very good hat – amazing. You are right that you can make pom poms well using the paper ring method but if you are making lots a pom pom maker like these; really speed up the process – the advantage comes from the much faster speed you can wind your wool. When you make more you will soon get the bug and start making pom pom animals and other crafty delights!

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