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What next?

on August 17, 2013

Well, the good news is that the crochet commission is finished and now at it’s temporary home awaiting the recipients birthday next weekend!

I’ve so enjoyed making it but, to be honest, I’m glad it’s done and out of my hands.

The only problem now is deciding what to do now. We’ve been out for the morning, running some errands and generally hovering around and this afternoon I’ve been trying to tidy.

It hasn’t gone well. I keep coming across ‘to do’ piles which can’t really be tidied until I’ve finished something (like my latest assignment, or those uber-pesky crochet shoes!)

So, mostly I’ve stuffed things into cupboards and drawers, until I’ve got the time and the inclination to do a proper tidy.

And the table is still half full of more stuff!!

But it’s ok (or so I tell myself). This week I will mostly be concentrating on study and holiday preparation (we’re off to Amsterdam next week!) I hope to finish my assignment before then but it’s not the end of the world if it isn’t quite done.

And when we get back, I’ll be in a better position to manage my time and get cracking on all those gifts.

I’m also feeling a lot more creative so I think the pace will really pick up again soon!

Saying that, I think I’ll go and ponder some projects, or maybe a little study before we go out for dinner.

I’ll be back soon, I’ve got a lot of news!


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