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Overwhelmed and under-enthused

on August 1, 2013

So have you missed me? It might sound crazy but I’ve missed myself. I’ve been so bogged down with everything, I was too stressed to enjoy any one project or activity.

But I’m happy to say that I’m making good progress now and I’m definitely feeling the urge again (so to speak)

Last time I posted (almost a month ago, oopsie) I was working furiously on my Simply Recycled Aran jumper (SRAj) while Steven was working nights.

He wasn’t on nights for long but I made some really good progress and the back of the SRAj is now finished.

That’s as far as it goes though because I’ve put it aside to concentrate on some gifts, primarily xmas but the list is growing.

First on the list is a knitted Winnie the Pooh for my Nanny. I found the kit in one of my LYS and, after looking into it, found that it was quite ridiculously underpriced!

I then found a Tigger kit online which also has the stuffing and the teazel brush that you need to finish the effect so I bought that too. I have no idea who it’ll go to but there’s always a charity auction.

As well as the Pooh bear, I need to re-knit the cardi that I made her a few years ago. I somehow managed to use the wrong yarn (chunky instead of aran!) so it’s not a great fit.

I’d also decided to knit my mum a cardi and she recently bought some lovely unusual buttons so I had to let the cat out of the bag in case she wanted them on the cardi (or maybe I’m just really bad at keeping secrets)

Then… and this is huge… visiting another LYS to get supplies, the owner fell in love with my granny square bag (did I even remember to post about that?) and when her friend popped in for a visit showed it to her.

Long story short, I’m now working on my very first paid commission!

There’s a fairly quick turn around too because the bag is a gift for the owners birthday which is later this month!

So I’ve been working hard at that and my study and working five days a week (did I mention my new job?)

As well as trying to plan all my other projects (I was trying to make something to wear for my friends wedding this weekend but it just got too stressful)

Then… my aunt gave me a load of knitting patterns from a colleague’s aunt who had recently passed away.

Among the stash (it’s brilliant) is a booklet of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle jumpers!

My brother and I loved these when we were growing up and he happened to be round when I was looking through the patterns.

So his thirtieth birthday gift will be a TMNT jumper. He even helped me choose some yarn from my stash and I’m so excited about it!

Add to that all the little goodies that I’m hoping to sell and you’ve got one very busy, stressed-out Vix!

But, like I said, the lethargy is passing and I’m making some really good progress and I’m sure five-six hours in the car tomorrow will help too.

I’m just deleting all the old photos from my camera and I’ll be back soon with some new ones… once I figure out what I’ve already posted of course!


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