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A blissful night of knitting

on July 2, 2013

So, Steven’s back to working nights, although we’re not sure for how long (don’t you just love uncertainty!?)
I decided to turn a negative into a positive with a movie-fest and some serious knitting. Steven doesn’t like Jurassic Park but I love it and have recently read the books so was keen to re-watch the movies. And my knitting takes a backseat normally because it’s tricky to knit with his legs sprawled across my lap. So it was the prime opportunity and a nice way to cheer myself up
Here’s the knitting at the start


And this little lot has taken over a week (oopsie maybe two!)
I made myself a nice cup of peppermint tea and settled in
To be honest, half an hour into the first film I was contemplating giving up, my eyes were drooping and the pattern isn’t the most thrilling.
But I persevered and here is two hours progress


Once I got into a rhythm, the time just flew by and I was surprised when the movie ended. What was really nice was that I wasn’t super absorbed by my knitting so I noticed things in the film that I hadn’t before
Time for a can of pop, a glass of wine and film number two
And here’s progress


Another five rows in the second two-hour film.
Next it was time for a bathroom break and movie three


The third film is only and hour and a half so not as many rows but I’m really pleased with progress.
Ordinarily I would have finished my pattern repeat but since it was 1am, I thought I best go to bed
The question now is: what will I a) watch and b) craft this evening?


10 responses to “A blissful night of knitting

  1. Sounds & looks good! My husband works nights and I enjoy the time to myself 😄

    • Vix says:

      Thanks 🙂 I did have a good night but the novelty soon wears off for me. I’m now struggling to choose tonights entertainment

      • Do you like audio books? I like to knit/ crochet to one and right now I’m listening to one of my favourite Terry Pratchett novels ‘Jingo’ 😀

      • Vix says:

        Oh my goodness, I love Terry Pratchett!! Have you seen any of the adaptations? I do like audio books but I can be a little picky about who’s reading them, I keep wondering about the free trial they advertise though. I went for zombie movies and more knitting in the end 🙂

      • On TV? No, I am super picky about the things they cut out. The Hogfather annoyed me!
        And no to plays though I would love to see some.
        The Pratchett audio books I have are read by Nigel Planer, Tony Robinson & Stephen Briggs. I like them all. I get them from iTunes (cheaper than audible, which my husband uses). They cost £15.99 for an unabridged one (check first) for 12 hours of reading. I buy one a month 🙂
        I must tell you. Last Christmas I found myself at a reception that among other people, Hugh Grant & Terry Pratchett were attending. All the women were going mad about Hugh and I’m like, I don’t care about him, I don’t have the nerve to go and talk to Terry!

      • Vix says:

        Wow, jealous! I know what you mean though, Bill Nighy is one of favourite actors and he lives or holidays nearby. One day he came into the coffee shop where I worked but I didn’t like to bother him so I tried to stare at him discreetly and contain my excitement 🙂

      • Nothing to be jealous of. I just thought about saying hello, and didn’t! I think it’s cos we’re British 😄

  2. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    Looks fantastic and you’re turning a negative into a positive fantastically by spending you time catching up on films and working on knitting. Can’t wait to see the progress you make in your next post!

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