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Stressful times and new adventures

on May 21, 2013

Wow, last week was hard going! And this one isn’t shaping up to be much better although this afternoon is turning out a lot better than I thought.

Thankfully Steven’s back on days (YAY!), unfortunately he’s still doing 12 hour days, six days a week… but it is better… mostly

Anyway, I’m trying really hard not to dwell on the rubbish so we’ll get down to crafty business

I’m learning to sew!

Now, I’ve always been surprisingly good at hand sewing (mostly because I’m a perfectionist I think). But, with the exception of a fairly disastrous pencil case that I made in middle school, I’d never used a sewing machine.

Until a couple of weeks ago that is. Steven bought me (us?) the machine on our last trip to Hobbycraft and I’m already getting a bit obsessed.

The main reason I wanted one was a single project that I thought would make excellent xmas gifts (more on that tomorrow)

And then I started the granny square handbag and thought it was just all the more reason to need one.

So now I’m almost hunting for patterns that involve knitting/crochet AND sewing because I’m loving it so much and, after a few false starts, I think I’m getting quite good.

I’ll try and get some pics of progress so far and do another update tomorrow.

I’ve also bought some patterns to make crochet shoes! And I’m talking SHOE shoes and not indoor slipper shoes.

I’m having to combine two patterns because of the materials involved but I’m very excited and just waiting for a day to dedicate to this latest adventure.

I have a few concerns mostly about size but I think they’ll be easier to figure out as I go.

Oh and some of you may have noticed the new additions on the right?! I’m really getting into both Etsy and Ravelry so I thought I’d link to my accounts (I opened my Etsy shop yesterday with a single crochet watch but hopefully it will grow!)

Hope you all have a lovely crafty evening, I’m off out to pester my sewing genius (aka Mummy)


4 responses to “Stressful times and new adventures

  1. pipknits says:

    Good luck Vix with sewing AND knitting AND crochet! I can do them all separately to a greater or lesser degree, but all three in one object? You go girl! 🙂

    • Vix says:

      Aw thanks, I can feel my head swelling with pride 🙂 If you can do one on its own, you can mix up a couple quite easily but it can be tricky sewing onto knit fabric – my mum was the one that figured out how to simplify things

  2. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    I can’t wait to see those shoes. They sound awesome. And keep up all the crafts, I like to think the more hobbies we have the more interesting people we are, which makes you pretty unique and interesting 😉

    And good luck with the etsy shop! Hope someone buys something from you soon! And I hope that your real world life gets less stressful as well. Life can be pretty tough.

    • Vix says:

      Wow, thank you so much 😀 I’m thinking maybe Monday for shoe-play so fingers crossed for me. I’ve had some views on my Etsy shop already but it definitely looks a bit sparse…

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