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A nice warm fuzzy to brighten my day

on April 17, 2013

I’m not sure if I posted about my disappointment recently regarding a ball of Stylecraft Special (possibly my favourite yarn)

Anyway, you know how there are sometimes knots within a ball of yarn where two sections have been joined together?

Well I was merrily knitting my Cricket Jumper one day when I came across FOUR knots in half a ball.

Then another one before I finished the ball and picked up a new one.

I was so disappointed that I wrote a complaint letter to Stylecraft. I hadn’t necessarily expected to hear anything back but thought they should know.

Imagine my delight to see this on the doormat this morning


Hello, warm fuzzy!

To prolong the excitement, I opened my regular mail first (not very exciting and vaguely confusing)

And then opened my parcel to find these


Extra warm fuzzy

Unfortunately, I have no current need for two balls of cream DK (the question is, how did Stylecraft know I was working with cream DK? Or is it a bizarre coincidence?)

So, any ideas would be lovely

I think I’ll sustain my warm fuzzy by crafting in front of the telly for a while and maybe do some more chores later… maybe


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