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Progress report!

on April 16, 2013

Wow, it’s been a crazy week. But the good news is that the pesky cricket jumper is very nearly finished and I might even get to wear it this weekend (it’s Steven’s birthday although we don’t have plans yet)

Of course, there are plenty of other projects still ongoing.

First and foremost, the African Flower Blanket…

What more can I say? I mentioned before that it’s far from finished but I’m using it anyway (see previous post – Simply Crochet magazine review)


It’s currently big enough to cover feet to waist and almost wide enough for two



Still not big enough to be really snuggly










Having said that, it’s doing a good job so far and, with the weather warming, it keeps slipping down the priority list.

Top priority on the crochet list is a bit of a beast.

I’ve been working on the lace cardi from Inside Crochet that Steven bought me the yarn for.

It’s been more than a little problematic but I’m making good progress now.



I can only manage about five rows an hour because I’m working on so many stitches. In fact, it’s almost as long as the AFB!



My main concern is the button band. It’s either my technique or the technique in general but the beginnings of my treble rows  always end up a bit… gappy I guess is a good word



But I can live with it. I think the finished cardi will be really lovely.

I’ve also got loads of projects lined up, awaiting tension swatches.



I was given some money for ‘easter’ so was able to buy some lovely yarn but I’m also using up some bits that were in my stash so happiness all ways round.

I was planning on starting the stripy jumper after I finished the Cricket Jumper but I think I’ll spend some time working on this cardi first (it’s sitting in my lap as we speak… or as I type I guess)

I better get back to it


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